OP agent kills civilian, injures another as Mary Tembo tries to cover up

Police in Ndola are trying to cover up murder and protect a spy who killed one person and injured another  in Chifubu township.

Henry Mumba, an OP officer who operates a taxi to cover his spy activities chit  a civilian but attempted to escape.

A bystander, who witnessed the accident intervened by trying to arrest the PF official.

But the OP agent swerved his car and hit Antony Malimba, a transport officer for Equator Import and Exports, a logistics company. He died on the spot.

The killing happened on Saturday morning, June 29, 2013.

‘Malimba tried to get keys from the PF member identified as Henry Mumba after he hit a pedestrian and in the process drove over him and he died on the spot,’ said a police source.

A senior consultant of Equator Import and Export Cletus Chanda who was also present when his junior officer was involved in the accident reported the matter to the police station.

The late Malimba is a resident of Masala township also in Ndola. His body is in Ndola Central hospital mortuary.

Residents of Chifubu organised themselves and chased Mumba and caught up with him. Apart from  effecting citizens arrest, they also gave him some instant or community justice. He sustained injuries to his head. They took him to Ndola Central Hospital for treatment.

Mumba pretends to be a taxi driver when he works as an intelligence person for ailing Michael Sata’s PF party in Ndola.

But  PF compromised Copperbelt police Commissioner Mary Tembo, when asked, pretended that she has not received the report when her juniors at Kansenshi police station have received the report from Cletus Chanda.

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