OP agents barred from entering meeting

There was confusion at sun hotel international, Livingstone this morning when officers from the office of the president special division and other protocol officers were barred from entering the conference hall for the Africa Mining Congress.
Journalists and dignitaries in the presidential entourage were treated to a rude shock as they were too barred from entering the conference hall.
The protocol officers that arrived in time to verify the security situation at the conference had to plead with the conference organizers to let them.
The vice president George Kunda was equally barred from entering the conference for about 20 minutes in a queue.
Liz Winsted a staff from MiNE LLC denied the deputy minister of energy Lubinda Imasku, gender minister Sara Sahifwanda, Kazungula district commissioner Mary Mukwiza from entering the conference hall
A plea to allow the security officers to enter the conference fell on deaf ears as chief executive officer (CEO) MiNE LLC Michele Ashby said as far as she was concerned she had a list from the permanent secretary
She said they had only prepared 8 cards for the press and she was not aware of the security personnel with the vice president 
A source that declined to be named said the behave of these people hosting the conference was unacceptable in our country
The source said the security personnel were too nice to the rude organizers of the
The source said the attitude should not be condoned in this country just like it can not be tolerated in our neighours the Zimbabweans
 The source said the behavior was demeaning to the president of this country.
The source called upon sun hotel to orient their international conference organizers how the vice president is treated and not in the first place inviting the vice president then classing the conference as private as the country needs to know.
“Can this be done to their president Obama it is unacceptable” the source said

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