OP attempting to settle Sata’s case outside court as lawyers line up to quiz him

OP attempting to settle Sata’s case outside court as lawyers line up to quiz him

Latest photo of president Sata

Latest photo of president Sata

There is panic at State House and in the security system over president Michael Charlie Kays Chilufya Mwango Sata’s court appearance as they are now trying to find ways of settling the matter outside court.

And the Zambianwatchdog understands that a number of high profile lawyers have offered themselves to go and grill Zambian president Charles Katongo Sata when he appears for cross-examinations on 24 and 25 June.

Highly placed sources have told the Watchdog that the security system is now hunting for 1st defendant former University of Zambia academician Choolwe Beyani, Daily Nation Nwespaper proprietor Richard Sakala so that the matter can be withdrawn and settled outside courts to avoid further embarrassment to Mr. Mwango Katongo Sata.

“Yes there is total panic. It looks like the Office of the President did not even know president Katongo Sata would sneak out of State House to go and personally give testimony in public and open court. There are moves to withdraw the case and save him from public embarrassment.

What also scared them are the disturbing images that are flying all over social media showing a frail-looking and ailing president Charlie Katongo Sata in public,” sources said.

Sources said the idea of keeping president Charlie Kays Sata outside public appearance all these days has been to create an impression that there was still a healthy president somewhere inside State House who was still managing public affairs.

“As you might be aware, these days even some semblance of meaningful Cabinet meetings are addressed by Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda as president Katongo’s span of attention is completely gone. President KatongoSata cannot sit in any public meeting for more than 5 minutes without causing drama. So the meetings are now being addressed by Chikwanda,” sources said.

Sources also revealed that should defendants refuse to be coerced into settling the matter outside court, they may even use some loopholes in the law where ailing president Katongo will not come for cross-examination.

“We know this will still be embarrassing enough because he already appeared in public and gave testimony for which he needs to be cross-examined.

He will not come for cross-examination and that will mean him being cited for contempt of court.

But we want to claim that he now enjoys immunity from prosecution against any offence. Of course there will be public outcry and his testimony will eventually have to be removed from court records since there will be no cross-examination as required by law.

But this for us is still a less riskier option despite the damaging consequences on the PF and his personal image,” sources revealed.

And a number of high profile lawyers are lining up for the historical cross-examination of a sitting president in Zambia Michael Charles Katongo Mwango Chilufya Sata.

The Watchdog understands that a huge opportunity has unveiled itself where the Zambian public can possibly know more about the sanity and mental state of the Head of State, who is currently showing signs serious lunacy.

“As you may know, even if the constitutional has a provision for asking a medical board to ascertain the health and mental capacity of a sitting head of state, it is just for academic exercise as implementation is almost impossible.

Even if we write to the Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to constitute a medical board, chances are that she will not allow it to happen. So here is an opportunity where a number of lawyers will ask him all sorts of questions where memory and mental concentration is vital,” sources said.

Sources revealed that in order to discredit a witness on stand, there will even be questions on where he was born, asking for his National Registration Card to ascertain the valid of the many names he gave himself.

“As you may know, there may even be questions about his job description, on whether he had breakfast, or even when last he saw his wife in bed,” sources said.

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