OP compiling Database from simcard registration exercise

The secret service in Zambia known as OoP or simply OP (Office of the president) is creating a database of all mobile phone users in Zambia, the Watchdog is reliably informed.

This is part of the on-going of Registration of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards by the three Mobile Phone providers MTN Zambia, Airtel and Zamtel.

About December 2011, the PF regime created Statutory Instrument on the Registration of Electronic Communication Apparatus No. 65 of 2011, which required all mobile phone users to register their SIM cards.

The Registration process is administered by each Mobile Service Provider but the Watchdog has been informed that this information is passed on to the OP.

Phone users are required to provide their Full name, National Registration Card Number, Driving license (for Zambian subscribers), passport or work-permit number (for Non Zambia Subscribers),
and Physical address. The email address, if available and details of valid identification documents.
Serial Number of SIM Cards Where the Subscriber is a Zambian but is below the age of 16 and does not, possess a National Registration Card, such a person is required  use the parent’s or Guardian’s documents.

A small team of less than ten OP operatives has been assembled to create the database. They only work at night starting at 18 hours when their colleagues have knocked off.

Whatever details have been captured by the mobile service p [providers each day, it is passing on the OP team at 17 hours.

When the source that provided the Watchdog with this information was asked what the aim of the project is, the source said: ‘this is a project under the ministry of Home Affairs whose aim is to rig elections in 2016 or whenever they will occur.’

The source also said this is part of the PF plan to monitor citizens.


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