OP officers upset with Guy Scott for calling them dull

Members of the Office of the president Special branch are upset with  Vice President Guy Scot  for saying they are dull.

Commenting on Guy Scot’s remarks when he testified in the Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo’s tribunal that most Intelligence Officers are not intelligent, some senior officer said it was very unfortunate that such remarks came from the country’s number two.

“It is very unfortunate that such words came from the mouth of a Vice President. The statement ridicules the same establishment that makes sure that his office functions.

If he wanted to save Masebo, there are better ways than insulting the Special Branch. ‘What he does not know is that we can make his job very difficult, ‘one of the officers said.

Sources said for a person at the level of Chief Investigations Officer to testify at the tribunal, it means the Director General cleared him therefore insulting him will be insulting the entire special branch.

On Tuesday April 4, 2014 Guy Scott testified in the tribunal saying it was government that gave Masebo authority to cancel duly awarded tenders by the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) because they were marred with corruption.

But when petitioners’ lawyers asked why his testimony differed with that of a Chief Intelligence Officer who sat on the evaluation committee and who testified that the tender process was transparent, Scot told the Roydah Kaoma led tribunal that most intelligence officers are not intelligent.

“Even the idea of the Vice-President testifying is not a good idea. The reason why our officers sit on various boards and committee is to represent people like the President and his Vice. That cancellation of the tender was illegal full stop. The Attorney General was very smart in his testimony because his office is there to serve national interest not that fool of a Vice President who serves individuals in this case Masebo,’ another  source said.

Guy Scott is generally abusive in his words. Just this week he described oppostion MPs as monkeys

Meanwhile, Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo on Thursday lied under oath when she told the tribunal that President Sata advised her to cancel the duly awarded tenders and also fire senior managers at ZAWA.

Senior managers that were fired by Masebo sued the State in the Industrial Relations Court and Masebo never put in such a defense hence the court granting damages and costs to the former ZAWA officers.

If really it was President Sata who advised Masebo, she could have used this as defense in the Industrial Relations Court where the State lost the case.

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