OP official who injured 8 UPND supporters identified as Mwewa

The case involving UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has again been adjourned to 3rd July 2014 because of the violence that spilled inside courtroom as a result of the PF cadre who committed a suicide attack on UPND supporters at the courts areas.

When the matter came-up for hearing this morning before magistrate Aridah Chulu, both the defence and prosecution team went into chambers where the matter was adjourned.

Meanwhile, information has since emerged that the Office of the President and PF cadre working for the judiciary by the name of Mwewa has been identified as the one who drove through the crowd of peacefully assembled UPND supporters injuring about 9 of them.

Mwewa, driving a Toyota Corolla registration number ALK 7801 came from inside court areas and went straight to where the UPND supporters were singing in solidarity with their leader.

Mwewa, who was on a suicide mission, got the vehicle belonging to state prosecutor Mulozela and, despite police warnings to stop, he raved into the crowd and seriously injured the UPND cadres.

All the injured are currently admitted at UTH where indications are that some suffered broken bones and some internal injuries, while Mwewa has been remanded at Kabwata police station.

Mr. Hichilema later went to UTH to visit the injured supporters together with the entire leadership that included vice-presidents Richard Kapita and Dr. Canisius Banda, and several MPs.

Speaking later when he addressed the cadres at the secretariat and in an interview, Mr. Hichilema said it was sad that PF had now engaged people to carry out suicide missions against innocent people.

“What happened at the courts was very unfortunate and shows that PF were now desperate to vent their failure to rule the country on innocent citizens,” Mr. Hichilema said.

The supporters that have been injured and now receiving treatment are James Ngulube, Andrew Moose, Webster Mutwale, Gilbert Chiukumbe, Mary Phiri, Robert Nyawali, Binwell Mwango, and Prince Mweemba.

The PF sponsored plot was to justify that Mr. Hichilema should not be going with supporters to court and also that when the time for a serious arrest comes, the supporters should be fearing to accompany him to the police or courts.

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