OP says Zambia army was part of operation that attacked UPND

Close to 300 Zambia army soldiers were part of the special operation that attacked UPND supporters on Friday 8th July, intelligence sources have revealed.
One source said the majority of the soldiers who were dressed in paramilitary uniform were drawn from Mikango barracks while a small number came from Mushili barracks Commando Unit.
The State House paramilitary presidential guard were also part of the operation in conjunction with PF trained thugs.
‘We have a signed list of close to 300 soldiers from Mikango and Mushili barracks who were in that operation disguised in paramilitary uniform but as you may be aware these people were simply carrying out orders from higher authorities,’ revealed another intelligence source.
The sources indicated that it was rare for the police to have bayonets on their guns and stressed that the ‘paramilitary’ officers who had bayonets were all from the Zambia army.
The police quartermaster (in charge of equipment and uniforms) was ordered to release paramilitary uniforms for ‘recruits’ but the uniforms were diverted to the army.
The intelligence said the situation in Chawama could not be compared to the Matero fracas where police officers scampered after opposition supporters reacted following attempts by police to intimidate them.
‘The situation in Matero was more tense yet police did not shoot or kill anyone but in the Chawama case those guys just opened fire because they are not trained in crowd control, if you observed even their guns were looking new and shiny as opposed to police guns,’ one intelligence source added.
And police command has turned John Howard Police Post into ‘central’ police with a huge number of police and riot vehicles packed there.
Outgoing President and dictator Edgar Lungu wants the PF to return Chawama constituency at all cost. Police sources have indicated that the police deployed in Chawama will only leave the area after the elections.

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