OP source reveals PF rigging formula

In an effort to uncover the formula the Patriotic Front would use to win tomorrow’s parliamentary by-elections, the Zambian Watchdog had a rare opportunity to talk to a very senior intelligence officer and here is what our source said.

“What they intend to do is this and this is what they did in Mangango as well. The PF gives a trusted member of the party K25,000 and they are so many they give. Once the person is given that money, he or she is tasked to identify 200 illiterate voters.

Once these 200 voters are identified, K20,000 is shared amongst themselves. The K5000 remainder goes to the trustee who identifies the 200 people.

Now imagine if K1million is dished out to trustees how many voters can they have? I know some people will say but a vote is secret. Let me tell you what happens there after. When the two hundred per trustee are identified, their voter’s cards are photographed remember these are illiterates.

Once their voter’s cards are photographed, they are given back to them with instructions that there are hidden cameras in the voting booths so once they vote differently they will be identified because their cards have been photographed. It is all about intelligence.

Where they think they can not trust the illiterate voters, they would rather de-franchise them by buying off the voters cards. This is what they intend to do in all the five constituencies. President Sata left a lot of money for that purpose in Mkushi North, he is going to do the same in Solwezi today by the way he has just arrived.

That is why GBM is in the Eastern Province. I’m telling you this so that you can publish and let those who love democracy phone their relatives who may be illiterate voters that there are no hidden cameras in the voting booths,” the source said.

For example in Solwezi Central, they have already identified a trustee by the name of Friday Mulemfwe.

In many other areas, chiefs have also been identified and given money to dish out to targeted voters.

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