OP sources reveal PF rigging plot in tomorrow’s by elections

PF insiders have revealed an ongoing rigging, intimidation, and violence plot ahead of tomorrow’s by elections which they are scared they may lose on an even ground.

Highly placed sources from the OP have revealed that in Solwezi alone, more than K300, 000 has been released from various government spending wings including money meant for civil servants salaries and for the University of Zambia students bursary for this month.

The operation is being spearheaded by State House Aid for Corruption Keizer Zulu and so far they have earmarked to release a further K12000 per polling to be given to each each voter plus they are slaughtering 2 cows per ward in both constituencies.

Sources have further revealed that more PF thugs and police officers have been dispatched to the two constituencies with a view to deliberately provoke opposition parties especially the UPND into reaction and later lockup leaders including UPND President Hakainde Hichilema currently in Solwezi and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba currently in Lubansenshi when their supporters react.

PF have also targeted specific villages in each constituency where they want to dish out huge amounts of money and are using Land cruiser vehicles from ZESCO and Zamtel for the operations.

ZESCO is the same company currently inflicting pain on many Zambians through load shedding but has the money and resources to spend in bye elections instead of sorting out fault equipment.

“The plot is big. Villagers who will not to succumb will be intimidated and may not be allowed to vote. In a free environment PF has lost both Solwezi and Lubansenshi but they are now in desperate attempt to provoke opposition members and deliberately cause violence and later lockup the leaders and campaign monitors.  Please inform your people not to easily react as that is what the PF wants. Also tell your people to get all the stolen money being dished out by the PF from government institutions such as ZESCO and civil service salaries and students bursary. But let your people be on high alert as there are attempts to also staff pre-marked ballot papers in order to secure victory in favour of PF. Also warn your monitors against signing blank ECZ form 10 which has details of polling station votes,” OP sources have revealed.

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