Opaque beer on me was symbol of baptism from PF sins- Fr. Bwalya

Father Frank Bwalya said he alerted Kitwe Police on Monday about the impending attack on him but the Police were not cooperative.

Speaking in an interview, Father Bwalya said he was alerted by insiders that he was going to be attacked by PF thugs yesterday and went to report to officer in-charge at Kitwe Central who showed no interest.

He said the officer in-charge instead asked him to name the whistleblower and if he or she was ready to stand in court as a witness.

Meanwhile father Bwalya says yesterdays’ occurrence where he was splashed with opaque beer was a symbol of baptism from the sins of having campaigned for the Patriotic Front.

I have been baptised from the sins of campaigning for PF.

He said even Paul was baptised when he was converted.

And Fr. Bwalya has insisted that time for Zambians to arm themselves against the PF militia was now.

He also said it was time Zambians left the boat and joined his party.

“Ubwato bwalifika, nomba kufumamo.. ni pa Mpoto,” (the boat has doked, now is the time to leave the boat and enter the cooking pot,) Fr Bwalya said.

Father Bwalya and his colleagues have since lodged a complaint of assault to the PF Police.


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