Open challenge to ACC

Open Challenge:

ACC ,Hon RK Chitotela and Lillian Lufupa Chitotela

Who owns Property No.50A/148 in Makeni Bonaventure?

Why hasn’t the ownership of the said property been delayed?

Was there a case of a “fake NRC “ presented and rejected by the Commissioner of Lands?(Barnaby)

Challenge the RK Chitotela’s lawyers to prove money wasn’t paid into their accounts for the said transaction by a construction company with its HQ in China? Maybe LAZ can investigate this law firm that’s being used as a conduit of corruption.

All this is sickening and leaves me to wonder what sort of a nation this is.Even those to give checks and balances(UPND MP’s) line up for sub-contracts at Chitotela’s Ministry.

What a nation! If nothing is done about this rot,it take Zambia at least 30years to get to the level of civility like in South Africa.Ours is the way of DRCongo where politicians ( not leaders) enriched themselves at the expense of the masses.

Is it enough consolation to know that Chitotela will spend the of his meaningful life fighting to keep some of his ill-gotten wealth after 2021?Not at all! This rot has to come to an End.We must demand accountability now and not tomorrow.

The system in its greed and self-cleansing style has lined up Chitotela and his Health counterpart as sacrifices.All this at the expense of the Poor Zambia and the real architects of this looting go unnoticed.

My beloved Zambia!

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