Open Corruption on Zambia roads

Open Corruption on Zambia roads

Did you that in Zambia, if you are a truck driver (big or small truck ), you must always carry cash on you to give traffic police officers at each and every roadblock or check point? It doesn’t matter whether your truck has a problem or not or you have or have no driving licence, it does not matter whether your truck is overloaded or not. It’s now the law that you must leave something for the police if you want to pass. That is why police mainly concentrate on trucks on road blocks. There is no where to complain. After collecting the bribes on the road, the police officer on the road block will go and share the loot with his commanding officer. If he does not share, the next day he will not be assigned to stand on the road block. Ask the truck drivers who take vegetables and tomatoes to Soweto market from farms. They know how it works. You just count the number of road blocks you will find on the way then multiply by K100 or K200 depending on which route you are using. That is why you can find 5 road blocks in a short distance line the one from Mumbwa to Lusaka. It’s not security they there for. It’s bribes they waiting for. In other countries where we drive to and corruption is minimum and taken seriously, such a short route can only have one check point.. That is why even trucks move at night despite the ban. Truck drivers just agree on phone with Police officers that ‘it’s me who is there now come and bring the usual’.

Senior police officers are part of all this and government leaders don’t care. The are busy with their own corruption. This country needs urgent cleansing through a revolution.

Disgusted truck driver

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    Gracious 4 days ago

    My dear.thats normal starting at the borders they use agents especially if you are can spend weeks or months if u cannot give clearing agents enough money to give the bosses to sign.check Kazungula border.with their CIP.

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    hastings njekwa 5 days ago

    that’s why sometime even us people should look at why a christian country like zambia is doing these when everything is in control ?

    • comment-avatar
      Mwape 4 days ago

      @hastingsnjekwa, which country is s Christian country? Stop fooling Christ! Zambia is so corrupt; stealing is now a national sport. Vigololo osakamba. If that’s how Christians live, let Christianity be!