Open letter to Shakafuswa’s wife

Open letter to Shakafuswa’s wife


Dear Florence,

You will do yourself much justice by shutting up your mouth, and stopping intimidating Village Headmen and the youth in Katuba for ‘betraying’ your husband after his decision to join PF and their subsequent refusal to go with him. We understand he started paying them last year with money from Lungu to defect and they ‘agreed’ to do likewise but when defection time came, they asked him to join the dead party and stage a defection alone.

The people of Katuba are living in abject poverty and therefore you do not expect them to refuse money when a moron like your husband goes round palaces distributing. Yes they got the money, but they ‘donch kubebad’ him. We have evidence of those payments, unless you want us to publish them?

For you to specialize in insulting and intimidating people in Katuba, you seem to have nothing to do with your ugly life, now let me give you some work to do:

You know that Jonas’ zip opens up immediately you leave his presence and he only closes it when you’re in close proximity. That much is not news to you because you know your husband’s insatiable libido.

Now, there’s a colored lady named Michelle Thornicroft, whom your husband has been sleeping with at Parliament Motel and many other places including at the Kraal. Those your waitresses at the Kraal know her so well and some people who don’t know Jonas’ wife have thought it’s her. She stays in Chilenje and part of the mid-term gratuity Jonas got from parley he used it to quickly build her a flat in Chilenje and bought her a car.

Late last year he caught her with another man in the same flat, he was so furious that he grabbed the car and parked it at Parliament Motel for two weeks until his libido took him back to her. We know the man in question, he’s prominent business man, but we won’t mention him here unless he gives us a reason to do so.

We know this is not the only story you’ve heard about Jonas. There are many more. But seeing this Michelle drives a car bought by your husband and gets bonked by other men in a flat built by your husband, maybe it will keep you on your toes and you’ll stop insulting elderly men in Katuba. By the way, michelle is your daughter’s age.

I wishes you good luck as you channel your energy to something else more ‘meaningful’.

Katuba voter

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