Open letter to Amos Chanda

Editor please hide my identity .

Dear Amos,

Thank you for the updates on the presidents illness. I sincerely wish him well  and look forward to your next update.

Could  you kindly consider including updates on COSTS  ( consultancy, bed, treatment, security, transport etc ) being incurred in treating our president in your next update.

This will help an ordinary Zambian understand what it takes to be treated abroad and why ordinary Zambians are dying in UTH without an option of seeking treatment in South Africa like ministers and our presidents do.
Is this asking for too much? I know our humble president is mindful of the costs involved and would not mind letting the people who put him in office know how much they are paying to treat him .
Forgive my ignorance if the cost of treating our dear president is top secret and confidential.

Could you also consider asking the president what he thinks about being one of the very few people who can afford treatment abroad while most of his masters the voters can not even manage to get to UTH unless with Govt intervention and help from well wishers. I know our president is troubled by this but it would be good to know how he feels about it and why he can not scarifice until our health  facilities are good for everyone.

What is UTH for and why do we have a cancer Hospital only good enough for the poor.
I need your answers in your next  Bulletin.
Very Sad Zambian citizen.

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