Open letter to army commander

Dear Editor, please publish this because as of today 3 officers have been retired ‘In national interest’ but most of them opposed GBM and one refused to  give an army truck to Kabimba in Kasama last week. More to follow if you publish.


Dear Army Commander,

I am compelled to write you in the wake of the alarming number of diligent hardworking officers that you find fit to retire in ‘National Interest’. What National Interest if I may ask? You may wish to be reminded that as Army Commander you have been preaching ’loyalty’ through and through, furthermore you have been urging men in uniform to desist from partisan politics. This is one instruction that has been the easiest to adhere to by us. Notwithstanding this, my understanding of avoiding partisan politics is that even you as Commander should not be made to dance to politicians and retire officers blindly even without trying to find out what wrong they have committed. That in itself Bwana is partisan politicking on your part.

As Commander we look up to you for guidance and most important protection. The latter has sadly not been accorded to us as you do not even bother to find out from the powers that be what wrong has been committed. In other words you are a shameless disappointment of a Commander that has ever commanded our Army. You must bear in mind Sir that these politicians come and go whilst army officers as civil servants are employed to do their work without political hindrance until they retire. You are ending hard-earned careers of officers whose training is courtesy of the Zambian taxpayer just at the slightest rumor of an utterance. We are watching you because what you don’t realize is that we are not divided when we leave the army, not at all.

Command of troops bwana Commander doesn’t come as cheap as you may think simply because you accidentally found your way into that office. Neither does it come by clumsy tribalistic appointments and open favoritism that you interpret as administration. You have reduced the quality of the Officers corps by these silly tribalistic tactics. Honestly, for example, why waste a critical training place at a prestigious Command and Staff College abroad by appointing a nurse to attend that course simply because you hail from the same village yet you have a lot of Infantry officers who need the training in order to operate. You have been substituting brilliant tacticians of Commanding Officers with fake unripe officers from very junior intakes. Do you have the interest of the nation’s security in mind ? You further subjected young upcoming officers to crucial Command and Staff College entry examinations yet you picked your own Secretary to attend the course without writing the entry examinations. It cant be a case of gender equality because there were several vibrant female regular officers of senior intakes that prepared and sat for the examination yet you found it fit to send a mere typist. Do you have any thought of which direction this Army should go ?

Your Command’s selfish nature is what is making you spend billions on constructing a mess at Army HQ yet your men in 1 Commando Unit and Kaoma are still erecting mudhouses to live in and wallowing in debt due to non payment of claims. What priorities do you have Paul ? You spend millions per month paying for your fat lazy Generals’ DSTV and expensive mobile phones as if that’s what the conditions of service stipulates. Colonels and above receive entertainment allowance so why should the Army be paying for DSTV and talktime yet juniors’s claims are still outstanding despite the President promising to pay us during his campaign or is it another presidential ‘dribble’ You tell us, because you find it more convenient to retire us than administer us. Your command has been the worst Paul to say the least.

These ‘sins’ you have committed will come to haunt you very soon because we are not happy at all to leave employment prematurely, our children are still at colleges etc and yet you find it to be the best thing to do simply because some cadre of some GBM whispered that an officer refused to facilitate his order.  Tuleloleshafye.


Annoyed Ex-Serviceman

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