Open letter to Bally on new praise singers

Open letter to Bally on new praise singers


Dear Bally all these New Praise Singers you have suddenly Seen today, don’t mean well for you and the UPND they are the same set of Choirs President Lungu had who actually sang the loudest against you to him all in the name of winning favors and Survival. Loyalty should define a Man, they are all behaving like a Man who looses his wife and before the funeral is properly over his already engaged someone to Marry.

Sir what happened yesterday at your secretariat when your Supporters Protested the coming back of CHARMINE MUSONDA is a clear indication of how your true supporters feel, Some lost there lives, businesses and property all because they chose to support you and the UPND, please don’t pay them back by entertaining US members of the PF. For Now Sir, let your True members enjoy just like we did when our time to rule was on our shoulders.
To most of them Bally was just a Satanist lelo wawama bwanji? Open your eyes Bally and you the UPND leadership. Don’t allow people who have no Principles or moral fiber in life to Join you and lie that they mean well Hell No!! The PF is still Mourning even before the Funeral is over Bally becomes a new wife or a darling!! No No No guys Sometimes have some Direction in life.

Chomba Kaoma

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