Open letter to chief Nzamane on Unity in Eastern province

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement

P.O Box 34553

Lusaka Zambia


28th February,2012

His Royal Highness Chief Nzamane

The chairman

Easter Province Royal Foundation


  1. Chipata

His Royal Highness

Ref: Appeal for Unity in Eastern-Ourselves

We have observed with regret the growing fragmentations among chiefs and the people from the Eastern Province Royal Foundation. Our fear is that, the development is affecting our performance in the province politically, socially and economically as manifested in the recent past where we the people from the East have failed to speak with one voice. The only one thing dominance among us is finger pointing and in-fighting.

Although we don’t subscribe to the ideals of our late two brothers Reuben Kamanga and Wesley Nyirenda who called for “Umodzi Kumawa”, we feel, they had vision of what is would come in the near future and their fears are now coming to pass. We feel it is time we begin to take seriously the vision of “one people” in the East with the sole purpose of being an example of “a united people” in the country that come from our province.

Our major concern which we want the foundation to look into is the normalization of the:

  1. Fragmented people and their chiefs in the province
  2. Status of Mozambiquean and Malawians posing as Easterners and are taking part in distorting the political image in the province
  3. Shifting Chama district from Eastern Province a home for Tumbuka people to a newly created province in Zambia
  4. Failure by government to exploit economic potentials in the province

Unlike people from other provinces that have complain against injustices that have been done to them, we the people from Eastern Province have opted to remain silence pretending everything is fine. For example, people from Southern province have complained against the shifting of Chirundu and Itezhi-tezhi from southern province to Lusaka and Central province respectively, we have decided to cast a blind eye on the delinking of Chama, home of Tumbuka people, from eastern province to a newly created Muchinga province. Our friends in western province are complaining against lack of development but we are pretending everything is fine with us Kumawa.

The greatest crime we are committing against ourselves is allowing our chiefs being used by politicians for political purpose. If this trend continues to flourish, we will be rendered redundant not long from now. We need to find a formula to end the problem affecting us as a people in the province and begin to live as we should be living.

It is against this background your Royal Highness that we write to you appealing for unity in the Eastern Province Royal Foundation (EPRF). We also appeal for another meeting in which all the stakeholders will invited to discuss the above areas of concern. We believe that the meeting will help us to find a solution to our problems in the province.

In the same vain, we would like you to inform you that we are proposing another form of political dispensation. This is in view of the failure by the multiparty democracy which has led the country the deplorable state it is right now. We feel, a federal system of governance will help us realize our dream. As you consider our proposal, please think about this federal system of governance and advise on how best we can utilize it save our country from political demise.

Yours in national services

Edwin Sakala

Your son

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