Open letter to ECZ


Dear Priscilla Isaacs and Esau Chulu,


I write with a heavy heart, to express my feelings, which speak for most people interested in the peace and progress of this nation. Whatever doubts you have caused in the electoral process have been your own making. Your conduct has been far from open, it has been elusive, dismissive and insulting to the stakeholders.  You have clearly expressed commitment to the wishes of the appointing authority and neglected the people you are supposed to serve, the Zambians. Or maybe it is not about service but aligning yourself to those in power in order to get your bread and butter.


Zambia is bigger than you, bigger than President Lungu and bigger than PF. If you don’t understand that cliché it means “Do what Zambians want not what you want”. The majority can be manipulated sometimes but not all the time. They are never wrong when they see through your lies and empty messages. A few months ago our peace failed a simple test, where senseless violence was inflicted on innocent and defenceless Rwandese. So we beg you ECZ not to be part of the big test you are skimming for our peace.


PF started rigging this election when they delayed and manipulated the constitution. They started rigging way back, with their puppet appointments, abuse of public order act, buying of MPs and planned violence by their cadres. PF has shed blood, PF has taken lives, PF has shot people, PF has lied in parliament, lied in front of the clergy and are lying to us through their teeth, that they gave us the constitution we wanted. And you ECZ have contracted this “Pandemic Frailty”. Zambians still have the ballot to hold on to, but don’t make a mistake and think that they are not watching you.


You have taken sides and your reasoning is so weak even a third grader can do better. You have failed to convince anyone why cell phones have been banned. You have failed to convince anyone why printing from Dubai is cheaper. The move by PF to give you immunity from prosecution is nothing but a deal, a condition for you to do them the unthinkable favour. It is unthinkable, because you will be stealing people’s choice in their faces and in the face of God. Anania and Safira died for the sole reason of trying to deceive God. So don’t doom your lives just to gain a few pieces of silver, at the expense of millions of Zambians. Our liberators died for our freedom to determine our own course. And you two the beneficiaries of their blood are spitting on their graves, by taking away that freedom.


When you look at yourselves in the mirror do you see stewards of peace or cowards with greed? Are you so egoistic to overlook what the Zambians want, with selfish interest clearly clouding your reasoning. The good thing is Zambia will pray for you, Zambia will continue to pray for peace.


Concerned Citizen

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