Open Letter to Edgar Lungu: ‘I cant vote for you’

Publish this letter but withhold my name – Outgoing Minister of Defense and Justice and President of the PF Party.

Dear Hon Lungu,

I write as a private citizen of the Republic of Zambia who is in the category of ‘undecided voters’. I have been watching closely how yourself, and other candidates have been traversing the breadth and length of our Republic, canvassing and lobbying for support from us the electorates, for votes.
As is often the case, all kind of promises have been made in an effort to woo support and convince the voters how this or that candidate is better than the other.

In your case Hon Lungu, you have mainly stood on the premise that you are a better candidate because you belong to the incumbency, and therefore better placed to carry out and on, the vision of late President Sata. You have also indicated that you are the ‘chosen’ one by the late President since upon his death, the instruments of power were in your hands and that he had confidence in your capacity and capability, evidenced by the fact that he handed you three portfolios in his government and Party.

You have however confessed that you have no vision of you own but that of the late President.
There are concerns, that so far have not been addressed adequately and satisfactorily, by your handlers and yourself-regarding your past, and on your efforts and methods used to ascend to the highest office in the Land.


Mr. President, there is evidence that the convention was marred with a lot of irregularities, intimidation and violence from your group. Reports abound that your cadres hounded the other Presidential candidates and their supporters. It is suggested that this was an effort to ensure that you were the only ‘credible’ candidate remaining, in order that you go through unopposed.

Hon Lungu, you were voted in as PF President by the show of hands, on your way to being the Republican Presidential candidate and possibly on the way to being the Head of State, and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Zambia. How democratic is this?


It is there for all to see, that you viciously and inexorably wrestled our acting President Guy Scot, to forcibly get him out of the way, when he made it clear that he would not allow public resources to be used for PF Party campaigns. You organized a wild band of Cabinet Ministers who went on a wild goose chase, to denounce Scot as a “white colonialist”, a mad man and racist, alienating other ‘Minorities’ in the process. Your handlers and supporters relentlessly humiliated the old man by reminding him that, “that’s why Sata never entrusted you with the acting portfolio each time he left the country, because you are dull and uncooperative and that he didn’t ‘trust’ you”.

However, His Excellency the Acting Head of State, Dr. Guy Lindsay Scott stood his ground, and his firmness and no nonsense, won him admiration of law abiding citizens, and the International community, who dubbed him “the first white President in Africa after De klerk.” Still others called him the modern day “Tarzan in Africa” and the “last reigning roaring white lion of Africa”.

‘Reconciliation’ was hastily arranged and the public media was awash with pictures of you holding hands with a rather stiff and uncomfortable looking Scott. Prior to that, there were reports that you instructed the Defense and Security Chiefs to ‘coerce’ Scot to reconcile with you or else. Mr. President that doesn’t seem right, coming from a man that professes to be a democrat and “a true servant of the people”.


His Excellence Rupiah Banda jumped the gun in the MMD to become its candidate, only to be stopped in his tracks by the law. He had become one of your fiercest critics among many of the candidates, calling you “a young old man with a strange walking stick”.

Reports emerged which you or Rupiah have never refuted, that you flew to war torn countries including Nigeria to collect huge sums of money from oil barons who want a stake in Zambia’s copper sales, as middle men.
Mr. President, suddenly you had an executive jet, a squadron of Helicopters and expensive adverts hitting the local air waves all praising you as a humble, honest and a man anointed by Sata.

There have been suggestions that this is Banda’s efforts to launder money he had hidden in off-shore accounts and he wants a ‘quid pro quo’ once you become President. In the meantime Rupiah’s corruption cases are still raging in the courts of law. How do you reconcile this Hon Lungu?


Hon Lungu, you need to come out clean on accusations that you misappropriated clients’ monies when you were a practicing lawyer. It is being reported that Law Association of Zambia subsequently halted your law practice until the money was paid back.

Mr. President, you will be in charge of Bank of Zambia, Ministry of Finance just to mention a few. How can you be trusted to be our chief executive officer and be in charge of all public resources, if you couldn’t handle a few Kwachas of your clients in your own firm?

During the multi-party campaigns in the 90s, President Kaunda said of Chiluba; “he stole a fifty Kwacha from a widow who wanted help from him as a unionist, how can he be trusted to be a custodian of National resources?” Many thought KK was just politicking, but Chiluba went on to steal millions of dollars from the National treasury.


Being a Presidential candidate transcends your privacy because you become ‘public property’. Mr. President allay our fears that you are seriously ill and that you are dependent on alcohol most of the time.
Recently you challenged your fellow candidates to come with you to a health facility to have a health check and they gladly and graciously agreed. What has happened Mr. President? Can you be trusted as a man of your word?


Like I said above, I am an undecided voter and I want to hear and see how all the contenders will articulate what they claim they will do for the Republic and its people. I also want to see how magnanimous and honorable they are, towards other candidates under intense live spotlight.
I want to learn the candidate that is legimately passionate about the problems our people are going through. I also want to measure the intellectual capability, alertness and reflexes including the demeanor of each candidate.

Mr. President, on two occasions you dodged, citing all kind of reasons and last night you opted to travel to North Western Province, to address a populist rally with your chief advisor and kinsman.
Was I and millions of undecided voters, PF conservatives, middle class and minorities thrilled? Hell no!

Hon. Lungu, I regret that I am unable to entrust you and your Party with the responsibility of forming the next Government. I have Hakainde, Nawakwi, Chipimo, Mumba, Sinkamba and possibly Muliokela to look at. But certainly not PF and I believe my views reflect the general opinion of many Zambians.

God bless you Sir.

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