Open Letter to ‘father’ Luonde

In yesterday’s edition of The Post newspaper; you were naturally accorded a screaming front page headline by your associates at The Post newspaper where you spewed-out your vile and venomous hatred for one Hakainde Hichilema, leader of third largest opposition political party in the nation, the United Party for National Development (UPND).In the same article, you bleated and I quote, “UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema can cause serious tribalism in Zambia if elected President of the country.” As if this wasn’t enough, same day, you were again quoted on community news on Kitwe’s Flava FM as saying HH can’t be President of Zambia because he hasn’t yet anointed by God. Say what! Are you then telling us you’re God’s chosen one to boldly and unmistakably “prophesy” who has been anointed to be President and who hasn’t? You need total deliverance for misleading God’s people, Sir!

From the outset, I must categorically state that I am utterly disgusted and shocked that a “priest” of your standing and from a significant church such as the Anglican can shamelessly stand on a podium and declare your revulsion for a particular individual simply because he belongs to a certain tribal grouping! Isn’t this tribalism itself?

Fr. Luonde, what evidence do you have to attest that HH is indeed a tribalist? Honestly, should describing Dr. Kaunda as a dictator; expressly warrant one to be branded a tribalist? In which country were you residing between 1970 and 1990? If you were in Zambia, then I have a few questions for you, Sir?

Wasn’t this the dreadful era when people were denied freedom of speech or assembly? Weren’t people locked up, beaten or killed for expressing dissenting views, Fr. Luonde? And wasn’t your own tribes-mate, KK’s childhood friend, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, ruthlessly clobbered around Kamwala area in 1970s and left for dead for daring to challenge KK? Weren’t the shushus constantly abused, as they are being today, to spy on individuals who were considered to be threats to KK’s hold on power? What about accounts or stories of individuals who suffered torture at the hands of the repressive UNIP regime?

If you’re indeed a true Christian Fr. Luonde, do you honestly believe in the things or persons you so passionately and desperately endeavour to defend? Or is it a question of simply wanting to catch the attention of the appointing authority so that you can possibly be rewarded with a coveted government position?

Your own friend and colleague at your NGO, Change Life Zambia, the once outspoken Fr. Frank Bwalya has since lost his voice after being rewarded with a prestigious portfolio at ZESCO as board chairman. Do you think Zambians are so gullible that they can’t read through such evil schemes, Sir?

Political parties in this country have been quietly been banned from holding political rallies, when Fr. Bwalya could defiantly behead a black chicken at a political rally during MMD reign without fear of necessarily going to prison because the regime at the time wasn’t as brutal as the current one. And what about those senior cabinet ministers who have been allegedly shielded from being grilled by the ACC by the President; isn’t this tantamount to abetting corruption?

Like the MMD, the PF government has continued abusing government resources during by-elections. Apart from this, the President is hell-bent on destroying the opposition in the country by notoriously poaching MPs from the opposition. As if this wasn’t enough, outspoken leaders of the opposition such as HH and Nevers Mumba are being arrested on flimsy grounds and detained in filthy TB infested cells and later released without any explanation. And not so long ago, we watched the President on national TV directing the DPP to institute investigations on HH’s source of wealthy. If given time and space, we can compile a voluminous catalogue of massive transgressions and shortcomings by the PF regime; surely this should be a cause for concern!

Coming to the issue of tribalism; Fr. Luonde, isn’t the same President that you so passionately seek to defend promoting the same in the nation? You don’t surely have to be a rocket scientist to deduce that the PF government is the worst government that this country has ever had in terms of tribal balancing! No wonder people now infamously refer to it as Sata’s family forest. In case you’ve forgotten, Mwanawasa’s government used to be mocked as family tree and no one was threatened with imprisonment.

Consider the people that occupy most senior positions in the current government; from cabinet, state house, foreign missions, regulatory boards, defense forces, parastatal entities etc, they are mainly Bemba speaking or connected to the President in one way or the other.

You’ve to tame your tongue Fr. Luonde. It’s Priests like you and careless journalists at some newspaper that helped ignite the genocide in Rwanda. We expect you to be preaching peace and love as opposed to hate messages and hegemony; this is what can easily lead to civil strife in the nation!


Yours truly,

Disgusted citizen

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