Open Letter to FAZ officials


This letter is addressed to the above mentioned, but I feel it is paramount that is begin with recognizing and appreciating the great soccer and spirited performance

Exhibited by the chipolopolo team on Saturday against Lesotho. The game shows and proves that we are and always have been champions.

With that said, allow me to share to the three parties mentioned above.

With a due respect, I wish to point out to all members of the current FAZ executive, that your mandate is not to a coach, but to the Zambian people, and I repeat, THE ZAMBIAN PEOPLE. Let me start by reminding you that the most of, if not all the funds you continue to access and use, come from hard-working Zambians i.e. the taxpayers and soccer fans. Hence, when we as taxpayers point out or cry out when our team is performing badly, or continues to produce poor results, do not go into stealth mode Or defensive mode just because you are holding whatever positions you have. Realize now and know that, we as fans and taxpayers are a serious stakeholder in the game.

Being soccer fans We watch the game, follow it with a passion, and see that we have the potential and players to win games, so when we get the opposite, obviously we will complain And demand better from our team. In cases where we see our team put in a lot of effort, and yet get a negative result as it had been in the Africa Cup finals we played Between 1994 and 1996 we understood, and continued to support our team. What we refuse, is what looks To be complacent or le se faire attitude by players and the technical staff, wrong choice of players, wrong technical changes that affect our teams performance.

These are things that have affected our team in the recent past, hence our poor performance after winning the first afcon, that saw us booted out in the first round. I will contend that maybe the players had a bit of an afcon hangover, but that something that FAZ should be able to get then necessary staff to sort out the mindset of Players even if they won the world cup.

For FAZ to allow the media to be harassed, and arrested is sad. For you Faz and more specifically Mr. Eric Mwanza, to defend harve renards arrogance by refusing to take Questions from the media is exhibiting the most disappointing tendencies coming from a sports administrator of your level. Why do I say this?

1. As Faz, you represent us as the Zambian people; organize on our behalf, soccer activities within the nation and the national soccer team. NOT YOUR PERSONAL PROGRAMS Or OUR personal programs. Hence you are accountable to us the Zambian people and not harve renard or any coach that be. You should note condone such from a coach as It damages the already thin relationship between the soccer fans, the media and FAZ as well as the national team. That is our team, that not renards team, it is OUR TEAM.  REMIND HIM THAT PLEASE

2. Humility: This quality in coaches is a great trait. For renard, if he wants to approach soccer like the returning Chelsea coach; let me tell him, that what works for a lion to make a catch, may not apply to a fox. Renard You are getting more money per month, than the indigenous Zambian civil servants retirement benefits. Respect us Zambians, as your employers. When we criticize, we do it for a reason, and to also give a perspective that you may not see. Do not shove attitude at us, as that is insulting.

We ARE YOU EMLPOYERS, REMEMBER THAT, AND FAZ, YOU ALSO REMEMBER THAT. We have confidence in you, but don’t expect that even when things are going wrong we will just sit And watch as things go sour, NO. We will criticize, but constructively.

3. Chris Katongo, very well played. That’s the leadership of a captain. I will not beat about the bush, I wanted you out. Why because you were a good player who became selfish. The way you played against Lesotho that was leading. It’s not the goal scorer that is defined as the best player, even the one who passes to the scorer can be. We wanted you out because you stopped passing to other players and instead kept on shooting at goal aimlessly, hence wasting numerous of our chances when you could have passed to someone in a better position. That’s really hurt our game as a team. It also damaged the belief ad self esteem in some of our players, all because you didn’t want to pass to them!

In conclusion, FAZ, Please play your knowing and always remembering that your obligation is to the Zambian people i.e. the players, the coaching staff, the fans, the taxpayers not the coach. To the coach, please know that it’s not FAZ that has employed you; they are just the middlemen who did it on behalf of us, the Zambian people. You address us, and you do that through the media. Please pocket your attitude and be humble. It doesn’t pay to be rude, our team was performing poorly, now that its better put more effort not showing us your sulking attitude, it won’t change anything as we will critize to build not to break.

To the boys, let’s go to Brazil, You can do it.

Go Chipolopolo, we love you, and we can’t wait to escort you to Brazil.



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