Open Letter to GBM

GBM in white shirt

GBM in white shirt

From Trevor Simumba

Ba Mwamba,

I am praying you read this letter. It has been very shocking for me to read what you allegedly said at Radio Mano in Kasama. Today again I read that you have refused to retract your statement and will not apologise. I am surprised that you say Namwanga’s are outsiders and should not be allowed to stand for MP in Kasama as it belongs to Bemba’s only. Have you forgotten that you yourself are related to many namwanga’s and in fact some of your closest friends and business partners were and are still mostly namwanga and mambwe. I am sure the late Robbie Sinyangwe and Happy Simumba would be shocked to hear the words you have uttered against innocent people on the basis of tribe. Remember who gave you that orange benz truck which enabled to start GBM Transport? Remember who got your food supply contracts with the Police and other government institutions? And where do you buy most of your maize, rice and beans? Is it not from Namwanga and mambwe land? What a hypocrite you are to talk like that about people who have helped you your whole life.

I would urge you as a brother to please reconsider your words and reflect on the impact it will have on you as a person and also on the people of Northern Province. How will you look at your wife (who is half namwanga) in the eyes? How will you be able to relate to all your customers who use Germins to go to Mpulungu and nakonde towns where you get most of your business. So every namwanga should from today also refuse to get on your buses since they are owned by a Bemba? What a fire you have started for yourself and for your PF-UPND pact which from the time you opened your mouth is now doomed to failure as everywhere it goes it will be tagged as being a party of tribalists. What a shame in the 21st Century to talk of land belonging to one tribe!

Your namwanga relative,

Umwana wakwe Nawaitwika

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