Open letter to Given Lubinda

Open letter to Given Lubinda

By Bwembya Mutale

Many of us peace advocates are saddened to learn that with a simplistic mind, you are politicking the wave of terror launched on MMD members who are fellow Zambians when everyone has been of the view that an era of new beginning is at hand. It’s unbelievable to read your response on the wave of terror fellow Zambians are going through since MMD conceded defeat following the ballot verdict. Your response to the press has been without sense of maturity leaving many Zambians hopeless.

Be careful with this nonsense of justifying the lynching and vandalism on opposition MMD members’ homes.  You sound like a drunkard who doesn’t realize that Zambia can be combustible if leadership fails to prevail on miscreants. Your immaturity is inimical to our young democracy and well deserved national credentials. Did MMD falter to peacefully concede defeat and allow a historic transition? Did you want them to adulterate democracy for fear of this nonsense you are politicking about where you are defending the lynching of fellow Zambians for their political values when they have not committed any crime?

Be warned that this reckless behavior has propensity to create unnecessary upheavals against the wishes of every peace loving Zambians. Every non-PF Zambian as do the 1.1 million + voters that voted PF want to give PF space to work for the good of Zambia and be occupied with some avoidable national crisis. Zambians are set to give uninhibited time to your regime to prove on the 90 days miracles and not shadowing terror groups again those not sharing your political values. Let with a fat Surplus and a  burgeoning economy, please Keep your eyes on the clock and start steering the country to prosperity instead of terrorism. Unless President Sata puts his foot down through mature leadership and arrest this nonsense now, you may find your hands too full with some crisis ponderous in magnitude.

The situation has potential of destabilizing the country in a blink of an eye and ruining the Zambia’s well earned peaceful democratic credentials which every responsible leader need to Guard jealously and use it as our national capital in the international arena. If this lawlwssness is not managed now, don’t blame neo-liberal media houses likely to jump on it and start painting your Government as hopeless and a replicate of Uganda’s Field Marshal Dada Idi Amin everyone feared for Zambia in the Sata candidacy. Let mature leadership prove the widely held perception wrong and not make those who have brought it up vindicated.

When MMD trounced UNIP in 1991, there was no such kind of terrorism on those that lost the election which the PF era has started with. We shudder to know what will happen in the first 90 days program unless this is it we were promised. Where do you want these Zambians to go to if not to remain free opposition members in democratic Zambia?

If these Zambians feel over abused, they could simply slip through some borderline and launch a long struggle for self defense. Don’t think your ascending to power means you have addressed the disaffection in the country. In a country with 5.1 million registered voter less than 2.6 million votes, leaving the majority disillusioned and apathetic should worry you more. Many Zambians are susceptible in their quest for a future and dignity. Those being persecuted needlessly, in pursuit of self defense with no choice could resort to regrouping. These people could turn a biggest threat to national peace. Zambia with majority poor remains vulnerable to internal threats. You need to show leadership in managing the challenges of the country. Zambia is not PF and PF is not Zambia.

Be advised to sober up now and understand your responsibilities.

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