Open Letter to Guy Scott on Chinese crackers

By David Kasuba

YOUR article ‘Chinese Crackers’- of Tuesday December 29, 2009 cannot pass without comment.
Apart from the insulting heading – Chinese Crackers – the catching statement in your writing is: “There would be nothing resembling The Post in China (remember we are talking of CPC- controlled China and not Hong-Kong.
“The judicial system is explicitly enjoined to produce judgments in line with party requirements”
From the reading of your article anyone supporting China must be crackers (mad), and no one would resist the temptation of suggesting that your thought was provoked by what you claim to be President Rupiah Banda’s speech “glorifying” the Chinese Communist party and its achievements.
You were outraged by that speech, from the tone of your writing.
You reminded us that President Banda was a member of UNIP in 1991 elections standing in Munali Constituency seeking to extend the age of the dinosaurs, and that he had also been a non-negligible part of UNIP establishment that had created the economic disaster (especially in the maize sector).
You have conveniently kept quiet and did not want to also remind the people of Zambia and the public at large of how you allegedly compensated yourself from tax prayers’ money before anybody else, after killing your own swine (pigs) under the pretext that they were contaminated and that human life was at risk.
You wonder what MMD, which you helped to found, and President Rupiah Banda, can learn from the Chinese communist party, seeing that President Rupiah Banda is no longer a member of UNIP which was a one-party State, as opposed to MMD ideals of plural politics.
In advancing your point you seem to reject ideologically any other form of Government in favour of the Western concept of democracy which you want imposed on Zambia, thus betraying your undemocratic feelings that stand against any other ideology, except yours, the morally and socially discredited neo-liberalism.
However, I want to remain a realist calling a spade a spade to underscore, even at the risk of you calling me racialist, the fact that the British colonialists who colonised Zambia were not and are still not free from being accused of human wrongs or what you call human rights abuses from the days of colonisation to date.
Indeed, what you accuse the Chinese of doing to themselves and in their own country, the British dinosaurs did not only do the same to the people who form the United Kingdom but and worse still, to other people of the world including the indigenous people who were to become Zambians.
These British primitives, savages perpetrated untold atrocities against their fellow human beings in the name of freedom to achieve their political and economic eminence in the world, which you admire today.
They created a lucrative market for slave trade and were themselves involved in enslaving the very people whose human rights they claim to defend today.
They credit themselves of having stopped the ignoble trade of hunting, Kidnapping and selling black people to Americas, India and Europe.
But, on what grounds did they do it?

Any one who supports the Chinese must be a cracker?

Any one who supports the Chinese must be a cracker?

If you were not taught this at school or in your original social circles, know it now that it was not on moral grounds, because they had no morals in the first place, but purely for economic reasons.
They needed to stop depopulating Africa after realising that the continent was abundantly rich in minerals, ivory, rubber and many other raw materials which they required to keep the wheels of their industry turning, after the industrial revolution which was brought about with the mighty sweat and blood of African slaves.
The black people were no longer to be captured and sold for slaves far away from home.
They had to be colonised in their own countries and to provide cheap labour for the purpose of extracting, collecting and transporting the necessary raw materials for shipment to Europe.
Ignoring or forgetting the physical and psychological damage colonialism caused to the people of this country is both intellectual and moral bankruptcy and I do not know whether you deserve to be called an intellectually and morally bankrupt Zambian.
You want your fellow Zambians and the public at large (including foreigners) to believe that all the ills of this nation were caused by UNIP and give the impression that under President Banda, MMD would cease to be what you and other original members wanted it to be – a neocolonialist tool of re-colonisation – to become the flip side of UNIP.
If your memory can serve you well, you will remember that Tentani Mwanza was the first MMD founder-member to have left the party after seeing the neocolonial manoeuver to recolonise Zambia through compradors like you, Dr Chiluba and Sata, and formed the first ever splinter group known as National Democratic Party (NDP).
You were also a founder-member of MMD, as already said, but you only left it after helping those Zambians with myopic and crooked thinking to roll back the country’s independence and sovereignty to the borders of colonialism and subject the entire nation to neocolonialism in the name of democracy, freedom and human rights, the latter being nothing but all human wrongs.
And you are now in PF, to continue your mission of destruction and enslavement when it assumes power.
I am sure you can remember that the destruction of Zambia begun in 1975 with people like you and other Western-educated, trained puppets.
And this destruction was and is meant for you to continue the age of British dinosaurs into the post independence Zambia to keep Zambians powerless by simply keeping them poor, as Fredrick K Mwanza would say.
Eighteen years of plural politics have seen the Zambian people lose again their humanity and dignity, despite themselves.
Not all that is Chinese is intrinsically Chinese, nor is all that is British inherently British.
In both, there is some element which is universal.
This element is neither communist/socialist, nor capitalist, but human.
It is this element which people with imperialist mindset like you cannot see in the Chinese rise to world power.
After all, there is nothing constant, unchanging in the world, except change itself.
And when change ceases to be change, that is, when change changes, and then my brother, the world will be no more.
The universal human element of change in the world envelopes the spirit of work and mental activity, the pride of being either Chinese, British or Zambian, that is, the pride of belonging to one’s nation.
MMD and President Banda can, indeed, have something to learn from the Chinese Communist Party, especially on how it managed to incite or resurrect and sustain the universal human dement of change in the Chinese and see how best Chinese communist party ideas of change can be adopted and adapted to the Zambian situation in a democratic dispensation
Just imagine, there are only 50 million poor people in China which has a population of about 1.3 billion as compared with 40 million poor people in the US, the best democracy, the richest country, the most powerful country in the world, with a population of only 287 million.
Can you be insensitive to that?
Don’t you wonder how that can be possible and how the richest country in the world can run to China to borrow money?
Are Americans crackers for borrowing money from China? Mind you, borrowing money from someone is supporting that someone, especially if some interest has to accrue on borrowed money.
This is how, for instance, you support your bank otherwise no bank would exist without lending.
Human wrongs or problems of human rights aside, Chinese achievements are remarkable.
And can you still say that President Banda and MMD have no lesson to learn from China?
If so, you are a joker.
The British dinosaurs have destroyed in the Zambian person that universal element through years of colonialism whose psychedelic methods to turn the Zambian spirit of independence and self-reliance into a sense of servility did not exclude banishing and murder, the very things you reproach the Chinese Communist Party.
This is well-known history and we cannot do without recalling it in our efforts to rebuild this country; for the present is the product of the past and a better future depends on how well we understand our past, see how its various elements combined to make the present, then examine the present to see the elements that need to be changed in order to make necessary connections for the realisation of our fathers’ vision enshrined in the National Anthem: “Land of work and joy in unity, dignity and peace. A great nation with its entire people made strong and free like the eagle in the sky. There is the vision still worth fighting for.”
Banishing, murdering, enslaving, oppressing Zambians or Northern Rhodesian indigenous people, as British dinosaurs called them, were the white man’s cherished right.
The black man had only the right to be governed and to starve, which no sane human being can fight for.
However, in that way, colonialists succeeded to create a strong victim mentality in the black people, whose symptoms are dependence syndrome, praises for white man’s capitalism which, despite all the beautiful principles of business administration, has collapsed.
Did you know that each time capitalism collapses perpetuators of the age of Western dinosaurs rush to nationalise the key sector of the economy?
Can you remember that in 1900, the US economy collapsed and that President Theodore Roosevelt nationalised the economy and called his policy Square Deal?
After it had recovered, it was liberalised, privatised.
In 1930s, it also collapsed.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt also nationalised the country’s economy and called his policy New Deal.
After recovery in the late 1940s, privatisation and liberalisation took place again.
In 2008, the American economy collapsed again. President Barack Obama has also nationalised and called his policy Affirmative Action.
What lesson have you learnt or can learn from that?
What human rights can you talk about in the US or Europe under those conditions of capitalism collapse which you could not talk about under UNIP or cannot talk about in China?
Freedom of Expression?
What is the purpose of freedom of expression or what can it achieve if people are only allowed to express themselves like barking dogs under the policy well translated by the adage “Go your way, let the dogs howl”?
Can there really be respect for human rights in the world where international terrorism in form of wars, for instance, in Afghanistan and Iraq, economic blockade or sanctions, for instance against Cuba, Zimbabwe, in form of tyranny of global capitalism which the Pope has called savage or in form of arbitrary imprisonment perpetrated by the best democracy, the richest and the most powerful country in the world?
How many governments have bowed to pressure from ‘barking’ NGOS at G8 meetings or nationally?
A few elites in Zambia, backed by some local and international media, barked against Chiluba’s third term. They succeed to stop him because the international pressure on him was on their side.
But what has that benefited the masses of Zambia still dying by their hundreds today despite their cries for better living conditions?
Dogs would bark at the caravan and the caravan will pass undisturbed.
The dogs will then go back to their kennels waving their tails to show their satisfaction that they have howled but without realising that the caravan did not care a damn.
Is that the freedom of expression you are proud of?
I would be satisfied with keeping quiet under an autocratic regime like that of Kaunda, as long as it delivers the goods, rather than fooling myself shouting, demonstrating under Western democracy that upholds elitist values and does not give a damn whatever the poor, the unprivileged people say, under the pretext of having received popular mandate which often is fraudulently obtained.
However, to remove the victim mentality which lingered several years into post independence Zambia, the Zambian people needed to go into their wilderness – transition – under the leadership of Dr Kaunda, like the sons of Israel under Moses who were running away from the sins of Egypt and who had no right to do whatever was right in every one’s eyes, because they had not arrived in their promised land (Deut 12:8-9).
Under Dr Kaunda and UNIP, Zambians were running away from the sins of UK and its allies.
And in that running away lies the greatness of Dr Kaunda and UNIP.
It was indeed a great attempt to lead the sons and daughters of Zambia into the land of their fathers’ vision clearly expressed in their National Anthem, as already said.
And this act could only come from responsible people.
As you may know, the greatness of man is to be responsible.
And this is exactly what Dr Kaunda showed by introducing one-party State as a way forward to people’s democracy. You and MMD were raised by Western Pharaohs and sent like the army of the Egyptian Pharaoh to catch and bring your fellow Zambians back into the Western sphere of influence where they are again languishing in slavery, but this time as emancipated slaves whose right though, continue to be the same: the right to be governed which has taken the form of the right to vote (for imperialist-nurtured elites), and the right to starve whenever those voted in power fail to deliver the goods.
Freedom of expression added to these two rights is, as said above, useless because it reduces them to barking dogs whose quality lies in barking only, not in biting.
They can even be verbally violent without giving much of a problem to imperialists.
But when they bite that is when they become physically violent and no where in the world they will be let free to continue with their destructive behaviour.
Their fate whether in US, U.K, Zambia or China would be the same: they will be hounded down and or killed maimed, left behind bars like those terrorist suspects in Guantanamo.
What human rights are there in democracy which is not the same human wrongs that are found in any regime in the world?
Western-educated Zambians were recruited and used as spies and the vanguard of Western fight to destroy UNIP and its government.
This democracy was planned, sponsored and spearheaded by the whites through economic sabotage (economic terrorism).
They had the means to do that after they had stolen the land and the wealth of Africa, and overrun the African Public Psyche.
You would probably say: “let us not cry over spilt milk.”
I am not one of those who cry over spilt milk.
I am one of those who search to understand why the milk spilt in the first place to prevent the next from spilling.
And this entails making history a true witness, rather than a flatterer and a false witness.
What we do today will be seen and interpreted in future in their right context of today and not in the context of the future.
Let us therefore, reason and bring Zambia back on the path to real independence, social and economic development rather than betraying our struggle for independence, and plunging our people back into the bottle of repression which is disguised in form of human rights, freedom and democracy.
Most of what is seen as mindset in educated Zambians – confused and failing to tick clockwise and involved in corruption, embezzlement – has to do with wise mind conditioning that can be traced to colonialism which gave dependence syndrome and ignorance a procreative, character in those slaves, colonised people who failed to liberate themselves spiritually, and which you conveniently fail to recognise and fight.
It will not help us shouting, corruption, corruption, corruption as long as we cannot effectively address the problem of neocolonialism and its by product: the crisis of loyalty.
National Chairman
National Democratic Party (NDP)

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