Open letter to Kabimba

Dear Mr Kabimba

There is a resounding call for you to step down as SG for PF. I agree with them for the following reasons that you yourself have stated before¬†…to be important.
1) Mr kabimba , you said indiscipline in leadership should never be tolerated. We have never forgotten how you exhibited total indiscipline when you refused to answer charges of corruption from the ACC. You basically cleared yourself of corruption and further threatened to sue the ACC. And you call yourself a “justice minister?”

2) Mr kabimba you keep talking about serving your country yet you have failed to take your co hort Fred MMembe to task from servicing his DBZ loan. may I remind you that the KR18 million he owes is not your money, it is the tax payer’s. Zambia is the only Country in the world that has a Justice minister who fails to accord justice to the nation by repaying that loan. For that reason sir, it will only be an honourable salutation for you to willingly resign

3) Mr Kabimba, you said that one of the reasons why MMD lost elections was because it was a tribal party and that was why they needed to be removed. Well, today you claim PF is a tribal party. That makes PF and MMD sister parties. That may also means if MMD needed to vacate the seating party position, you may need to vacate or resign from PF for the same reasons. Of course, I know you are playing the tribe card because you have run out of ideas on how to save your position, but your decision to deem some people as tribalists has only made you look desperate for power
4) Mr Kabimba, you once accused Defence Minister Mwamba of getting into politics for business reasons and justified yourself as serving the nation. Evidently, the same Nation has bemoaned your inclination towards arrogance, using threats to scare people into submission, your pride that comes before a fall and your hunger for power that you so aim to obtain with your co horts, the infamous CARTEL. Now we accuse you of abusing your power, manipulating your position and clandestinely trying to smoothly usurp power. We should not allow you to do that.
5) Lastly, you once remarked that you were happy with the Confusion in MMD and you were not praying for them. Unlike you, we Zambians are better than that. We are praying for you, for your good health, and we are indeed praying that you consider the odds and think about serving President sata with a resignation letter, and maybe take your friend Fred Mmenbe to task for that DBZ loan
Sidique Gondwe Geloo

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