Open Letter to Kambwili


My elder brother Honourable Chishimba Kambwili.

I thank almighty God that you are out of hospital. We were worried when we head that you were taken to hospital straight from a radio station where you were insulting my other brothers Hakainde Hichilema, GBM aand other tribes of this great nation.

I know you mention God here and there when it suits you. But Sir, remember God is not a man to be mocked. Imagine if you died that same day when you were rushed to hospital with all that anger and bitterness in your heart?

God has given you a second chance to repent before you die. Please replace your hatred for other tribes with nationalism. Replace your anger with forgiveness. Replace your bitterness with love. Replace your greed with generosity. Think about the harm you, Mumbi Phiri, Frank Bwalya on behalf of Edgar Lungu have caused to this country. This country will never be the same. You think are in power now and can protect your family, but tomorrow things might be different and your children might be direct victims of the tribalism you are sponsoring in the country. As you recuperate, please reflect on your behaviour and destructive arrogance.

Who knows maybe God is telling you something by sending you to hospital straight from airing hate speech.

And by the way, talk to our daughter whose pornographic video has gone viral online. All these evil things right in your house could be a sign that God is not happy with you. Please seek salvation before its too late. Gid has given you a second chance. You have just returning from the gate of the grave (ICU) and having peeped in to hell, I am confident you will be a changed person. But all depends on you. We can only advice

Chalwe G

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