Open letter to Lungu: common man is crying

Dear Sir,

– The common man is crying
It is my prayer that this letter finds you in good health and that you will find time to read the contents thereof.


I must hasten to state that it is regretable that i am using this medium to communicate with you. This is because from the time we voted you into office for the second time in 2016, it has become difficult to access you or your Aids.


Maybe it is because we are no longer of use to you seeing that elections are very far in 2021. Yes Social media may not be the best system of communication to use, and recorgnising that fact, i will restrict myself to a few issues.
In my restricting myself to certain issues, i am going to be as honest to you as i possibly can.

Some of the things i will raise here are supposed to have been raised by your Aids and those that surround you, but am sure that they cannot because they are either not bold enough to raise those issues or are culprits themselves. It is evident that you are surrounded by a wrong team of Advisors and Aids who are somewhat over excited and too raw for such lofty positions. You need sobre and mature personnel to surround the Presidency, not this wannabe type of personalities. They are drugging your name in the mud and are subjecting your presidency to redicule. They are in a race for money, women and fame. They are too drunk with power, hence their too many scandles. This is not sitting well with the general public, especially that you have decided not to condemn or be seen to institute discipline.

Sir, so far you have posted a few positives here and there in terms of inflation, relative stability of the Kwacha, although exchange rate still high hoovering arround K10 to one US dollar, the general performance of the economy is very bad. There is no money in circulation.

The common man is crying.

Only a few in the corridors of power and politically connected businessmen of foreign origin like the Chinese, Labanese and Indians are boasting of money, while the indeginous Zambian has been condemned to untold poverty.

Zambians are sleeping hungry, failing to send their Children to School, dying of curable deseases because there is no medicine in hospital, while they see you and those close to you living lavish lifestyles, a very big difference with the citizenry. It does not mean that our President must live in poverty, but the gap is too wide. Find time to sit with your people as opposed to you flying out all the time, which money can be channelled to more important areas of need.
Mr President, Zambians are crying, Local Contractors are crying.

Local Contractors are crying because they are not being paid. The RDA and NRFA agreed with the Ministry of Finance to be rotating payments of Contractors so that the little money available could be paid to as many contractors as possible. However, this is not the case because the people in charge at Ministry of Infrustructure keep on defying this arrangement and deliberately keep on paying the same Chinese Contractors time and again to the exclusion of the local contractors. If Local Contractors were being paid, could have helped in improving the circulation of money in the economy.
Sir, institute an investigation at the Ministry of Finance.

Members of staff are demotivated because one of your Ministers influenced the transfer of his wife to a senior position in the Ministry who in turn has been transfering well qualified personnel and replacing them with others that are not as qualified. The reason for such can only be left to speculation for now until you investigate the matter fully.
Mr. President, i know this may not sit well with you. But i will be failing in my duties as a citizen if i became economical with the truth. Zambians feel that you are tolerating corruption in Government and Public Sectors.

I think you have created this situation yourself. You have failed to deal with elements of corruption. You have promised to deal with corrupt Ministers in your administration, up till now the public is still waiting. The catelogue of cases of corruption among your Ministers and Aids is there for all to see. They have been so careless in the manner they are conducting their corruption that everyone is aware. Sir people are beginning to associate you with not so good a tug. You need to redeem yourself. Your response to allegations of corruption in your government are not convincing at all.
The last one year into your new term hasnt been very good. You made very big political mistakes that even an amature politician would not make. The arresting of Hakainde Hichilema and the expulsion of Chishimba Kambwali from your party will live to haunt you.

These were major Mistakes and will spell your downfall. If elections were held today, the chances of you making it are very slim, you would definately lose.
It is true, and i now believe the adage that goes, ‘we learn from history that man never learns from history’. Sir you are repeating the mistakes that MMD made before they kissed their unfortunate depature. MMD top leadership became insensitive to the cries of the people, so have you. MMD started arresting political opponents, so have you, and you its even worse off. President Rupiah Banda chased from Govt and the party some senior members like Mpombo, Shakafuswa, the late Chibombamilimo, Mulongoti and Mangani, who later joined forces with the opposition, you are also treading on the same path. The MMD maimed people in Western Province, you have done the same to innocent students at the Copperbelt University, your ministers even moking that they were sponsored trrorists. Please Sir, have a heart for the people, show a little sympathy, even a pretentious one. Tame your Ministers, tame your carders, tame your Police.

There is too much intimidation and violence against Citizens by your police and Carders that citizens are no longer free to express themselves. This is not good for a democratic Country like ours. Citizens will vent their anger against you using the ballot for this is the only weapon as Zambians know to use very well.

Yours I remain,

Gregory Cifire

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