Open letter to president Hichilema

Open letter to president Hichilema


Dear HH,

Mr. President we have noted the enormous effort you are putting up to engage and win the hearts of the Zambia people by perhaps being the most interactive, transparent, consultative, collaborative and loveable President Zambia has ever had.
While we appreciate the goodness of your intentions we wish to remind you that the period of campaigning ended on 11th of August 2021 and on 12th of August 2021the Zambian people gave you the strongest mandate ever to lead this country. Over 59 percent of tge electorates that cast their vote expressed confidence in your leadership. Therefore with no apologies to any one you have the right to lead this country the best way you see it fit. Sadly at present it appears you are still trying hard to prove to the people that you are the right person for the job.
There is no need for you to prove yourself to anyone except to begin to work for the people. Looking at how long it’s taking you to organize your team of technocrats so far it’s sending wrong signals.
It appears as if you are seeking public approval for each decision you make. You must remember that implied approval for your decisions was given to you the day you were voted into office. You don’t need any extra approval from anyone. you must also know that any decision you make will always have critics. Why are you behaving like you are still in the opposition? Zambians saw a saviour in you but now you are seemingly trying to please the same people that oppressed the people?. Amos Malupenga today is the one showing what the presidential portrait looks like when not so long ago he was one of those that oppressed citizens. Mr President, your approach is frustrating your supporters and citizens. Remember the first cut is the deepest but right now your cut is causing a bad impression. Just a week in government you already seem to be tired as if you have been there for more than a year.
Start working my president. we know that you can’t do everything alone but you can’t expect the people that were against you to help you govern the country. stop trying to be the best president because there never be such on earth. just start working and full fill the needs and expectations of the ordinary Zambians. right now your actions appear to be designed to please the pf. people that looted the ccountry’s resources are still being allowed to continue in their positions at the expense of qualified and deserving Zambians.
In your press briefing last night you asked to be given more time and that you are still vetting people to appoint. How do you hope to get correct information if the same criminals are the ones heading institutions that are supposed to vet your choices. Right now we are aware of the bribes that these criminals in government are giving to upnd supporters in oder for them to put in good words for them so that they are retained in those positions. It’s time to work my president stop giving excuses. We are ready to deliver with you.

Samuel Mutale (voter)

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