Open letter to president Lungu


Dear Mr President,
Hope this message finds you in good health. This serves to remind you
that we students at Ridgeway campus are starving. It has now been 4
months from the time we got paid only about half of term two meal
allowance and this is now term 3 (note that ridgeway has 4 terms). The
last time we got paid was in January and this amounted to K800. Do you
think this K800 can cater for food and academic needs from the month
of January up to date?
Please be reminded that there are students who are vulnerable and
completely dependant on meal allowances in order to keep them
surviving both physically and academically. Do you expect manna to
fall from heaven and feed us? A lot of us either have single or no
parents to sustain us in anyway, it is for this reason that we were
awarded government sponsorship through the Bursaries Committee.
We as students have accumulated debt from all angles and we cant add
more to this. It is for this reason that we call upon you from your
comfort zones and intervene in this matter.

Concerned and Starved Ridgeway Student.

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