Open Letter to President Michael Sata

Your Excellency Happy New Year! In this New Year I wish you wisdom, good health and visionary leadership beyond parochial partisan interest for a change. As you start the year it is important to realize that power belongs to the people while every life matters and its only God who has dominion over it.

Your mandate to rule our country is under a microscopic view of both the international democracy movements and progressive patriotic citizens who holds real power and have the liberty of not only resisting but recalling your Presidency if found inimical to their virtues. It’s the same citizens that did it to violent repressive UNIP regime of KK, Chiluba on his third term trail which you passionately schemed and unconstitutionally shoved on citizens, not ignoring the retirement of RB in 2011.

Sir, the expectation of every responsible patriotic citizen is to see that you our nations’ leaders are paragons of virtue and strength, ever striving to better the populace’s lot in life and aid their country’s economic and social progress and not self seeking hoping to thrive through political manipulations. The reality of investing billions of poor tax payers’ money in buying amoral souls turned politicians of fortunes for your much wished political solidarity at the expense of addressing some pressing socio-economic woes of people 70 percent in abyss of poverty is a dangerous act with potential of delivering you unmatched national crisis unless you stop it now. You expend K100 billions on 200 political vagabonds for hire, but what of the 13.7 million valiant Zambia who see this callous waste?

I’m alive to the fact that in this era of highly flawed postulation of M’membe’s self seeking agenda tabloid in his turn-coat partisan role as an unpatriotic Zambian, it is easy to believe that you are invincible – and go on with these wasteful political schemes designed to legitimize your continuance in power should citizens revolt against hopelessness and hollow decrees they are fatigued from. It’s the same resolved Zambians that defied all schemes of violence under repressive KK and your third term scheme. Remember that the nonviolent Zambians organized massively behind a “No” vote against the dictator and failed leadership then, skillfully using the mass media to promote positive images of change. Today the same Zambians stand to repudiate a failed regime found to be asphyxiating their hard earned nascent democracy.

We had decades into the terror-ridden dictatorship of KK since 1972 without a break from its violent repression and no normal Zambian has fragrance for that era again except amoral political vultures of fortune. Kindly beware of crossing the red line in your pursuit of these political vultures and reversing Zambia’s gain. To think valiant Zambians have no qualms about dealing with the failed leadership in police state is being too simplistic and dangerously ignoring history at home and abroad.

Remember that during the hour of adversity these for hire politicians like always will run away from your tribulations when Zambians will have resolved fully for another self emancipation duty.

All said, I would be unpatriotic to end without advising you that your party secretary General Wynter Kabimba is immature, irrational and disillusioned cadre not helping you by any measure. Today everywhere you go Zambians know like never before that your Presidency and coterie of lawless cadres have nothing progressive for Zambia. 

Sir you have an opportunity prove wrong all your critics and prophetic voices that forewarned the risk we were making to our nascent democracy under your mandate in the presidency. It is a constitutional right for patriotic Zambians to redeem the future of their democracy and its security now on the line. Sadly, you hardly got any wise and competent political machinists in PF line-up with proven people skills and tactical damage control abilities. The only professional and wise leaders like Hon Chikwanda, Lubinda, Guy Scott and Yaluma are all but completely marginalized and silenced by clueless cadres in cabinet. The likes of Kabimba, Shamenda, Sekeni, Masebo and immature George Chela are all but diabolical reactionaries every time they appear on national issues; increasingly they are alienating your presidency from a critical mass of Zambians mounting on the opposite side.

Whatever you do, don’t forget that at all level of our human endeavors yet again as it were in 1990 and 2000 we all have a moral and patriotic duty to reclaim our destiny and virtues in a democracy despicably again under siege. Zambia is bigger than President Sata and the parochial PF idealism of absolutism you have launched through Kabimba..
Mr. President your matching orders through Kabimba vindicates those who say when all enters the declining phase; wisdom and national interest in some people are all but lost. It’s therefore not strange to see such unconcealed parochial interest clipping in PF this early. I know that you ascended to power on trial basis without clear plans through lies now haunting your regime.  In the  developed countries PF where they ask is the economy stupid and ethics matter, PF would have been classified as a counterfeit regime and long recalled. Therefore never stand in the ways of democracy because it gives you a better opportunity to understand your flaws and deficiencies hence creating useful alarms and some safety valves for pressure release before an implosion.

Regardless of how powerful you think you have become, real power belongs to the people and not gun trotting police units, tear gas canisters or in schemes of expending billions of poor citizens’ tax money on buying out political solidarity that never were.

Let democracy reign, food insecurity end, national revenue ploughed in causes of common good instead, our natural resources create real opportunities and wealth for our forgotten but cheated youths yearly offloaded in a futureless market creating a dangerous army of a revolution. Please end political circus now because you do not have a luxury of time but to win the approval of Zambians in democracy and socio-economic gains for all. Power to the people in determining national destiny.


Bwembya Mutale

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