Open letter to Priscila Mulenga Isaac

Editor publish this letter without fail.

We know where Priscila Mulenga Isaacs sleeps, we know where she takes her wines from and we know who she goes to bed with (we know both of them) but that is not important for now.

Above all we have phone conversations between Priscilla and President Lungu, we also have her conversations with other state house officials. This also applies to Cris Akufuna.

In her conversation with Kaizer Zulu she said she can’t stay in Zambia with UPND in power and will do anything to deliver PF come August, 2016. We also have her recording with Chishimba Kambwili.

By the way, we have the audios of her meeting with ECZ staff during last year’s election where she vehemently said ‘just after this election, I’m resigning’. Well, she said this before engaging the Zimbabwe and Malawian guys and one Collins Kachaka Chinyama (UNZA IT Head) to rig the election after the preliminary results pointed at HH winning. She swiftly recanted her words after the trio ‘successfully’ manipulated the system.

ECZ Chairperson Judge Chulu told Edgar on the 21.03.16 that there is nothing he could do to save him in August because he has a legacy and integrity to maintain. He said he wants to run a transparent electoral process.

Priscilla Mulenga Isaac undermined ECZ chairperson Ireen Mambilima while working with then Chief Justice Chibesakunda and she is determined to do the same again.

Priscilla sneaked the Zimbabwean and Malawian operatives plus one Chinyama into ECZ server room to alter figures . Evidence is there.

What makes Priscila and Akufuna happy with the state of the economy and the sufferings the Zambian people are going through?

Ian Seretse Khama of Botswana used Timor Consulting in the October 24, 2014 election after being told by our colleagues that he would lose! He paid $1.5 million to the firm and his Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) emerged winner of the election. The Secretary General of BDP, Mpho Balopi, has been to State House several times, the latest being in March this year, records are plenty at State House!

I hope people know that Ian Khama printed those 2014 ballots in Dubai after consultation with Timor. The printing company Priscilla ‘wants’ to engage is the same one that did it for Khama!

Esther Lungu was sent to Dubai for so many days in the company of some Intelligence fellows, and while there she had meetings with a Timor operative and the Printer. We will leak contents of their meeting with this Printing company.

For you Priscilla, our message to you is that our loyalty is to the NATION and not shameless idiots like you who treasure your tummy before the majority Zambian.

Ask Savior Chungu to explain to you the meaning of this message!

Stop pushing on behalf of PF the printing of ballot papers in Dubai.

Listen to what Zambians and other stake holders are saying or forget about anything you hold dear to your heart and life inclusive of yourself.

The next government must overhaul personnel at ECZ.

We challenge Isaac to refute anything above and the recordings will be viral.

From the Intelligence wing.

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