Open letter to Rosemary Wandi of Corruption Commission

Open letter to Rosemary Wandi of Corruption Commission

Dear Editor, I enclose herein an open letter to Mama Rosemary Wandi, the Director General of the Corruption Commission (formerly Anti Corruption Commission)

5th February 2011

The Director GeneralRWANDI

Anti-Corruption House

Cha Cha Cha Road


P.O Box 50486


Dear Madam,


Reference is made to the above captioned matter. I have decided to address you through the uncompromised private online media so that this letter meant for you becomes public record in order to avert a situation where you cry foul in future when the time for you to be held accountable for your irresponsible actions arrives. I have also done the same in order to protect myself from harassment from your officers and minions especially that you serve a decadent and vicious dictator in President M.C Sata.

With this in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to warn you that your misconduct of summoning a respected senior citizen and former head of state Rupiah Banda is one which will not go without challenge in the political arena as well as in the courts of law as the same is a political and legal matter. Let it be known to you that your empty threats of seeking other legal avenues to compel former president Banda before your ‘kantemba’ office constitutes the worst misconduct and shows your naked biasness in this matter especially that you have failed to investigate or even question people stealing every other day like Wynter and GBM in this government which is surely shaping up to be worse than the 1991 to 2001 kleptocracy Zambia witnessed where your boss was de facto number two.

Simply put; by you stating in your so called summon to former President Banda that,“However, it might serve your interests to avail yourself the opportunity to provide answers to the allegations made against you without losing your immunity,”  illustrates your naked biasness in this whole matter. While I appreciate that your stomach comes first to you, you of all people having been at ACC for almost your entire career must know that politicians come and go and this nonsense being exhibited by yourself will have ghastly consequences once our master is kicked out of office.

In any case, who are you mama Wandi to threaten your former commander in chief with the lifting of his immunity????Last time we checked you where shaking with fear when your dictator was giving you a tongue lashing for investigating his boys Wynter and GBM and today you dare think that you can play in this arena of lifting a former head of state’s immunity. Where do you draw your mandate from??? Where are you as D.G of the ‘Corruption Commission’ (formerly Anti Corruption Commission) getting your mandate from??? Is there something you are not telling us about our current parliamentary composition which gives you confidence about lifting Rupiah’s immunity??? Or maybe you have done what your masters are now specialised in; bribing weak M.Ps in order to obtain a two-thirds majority for your scheme to succeed.

My advice to you in all honesty is; behave yourself, stop listening to your master Fred M’membe with his bitter agenda and be professional by observing and respecting Article 43 of our Supreme law of the land, the constitution; even if that means your master firing you. But be rest assured that if you continue on this path, the consequences of your abuse of office will be so bad, you will be next door neighbours in prison with Wynter and GBM who you have failed to even interview owing to your cowardice.

In conclusion, take this as an opportunity to redeem yourself in the eyes of the people of Zambia who have classed you in the same corrupt and mafia group led by Fred M’membe. We remain aware of this scheme hatched in the hearts of those with pure hatred for Rupiah such as the M’membes and Mutembos of this world, but be kind enough to tell your friends that this time around, ba ilasha. Rupiah is not going down.


Kind regards,

Disgusted citizen

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