Open letter to Sata

Dear Mr President,

Kindly take time for instance a Mfuwe Lodge and reflect back on what
is currently happening in this country from the time you took over
power from the MMD. My advice is that as you reflect try to do so as
an outsider (ie as if you are not part of the PF government) and see
how things are unfolding before your very eyes, then try to focus on
what should be done to correct the situation.
PF fought so hard for so long while in opposition  and many of us felt
for this party when it was in opposition to a point where other were
ready even to sacrifice their own lives in order to ensure that PF
comes to power.
We believed, we simpathised , we participated, we sacrificed until
that very day when PF was announced as having won the election, the
announcement which sent all of us in the streets to celebrate all
night long for the hard fought success.
Today as I seat back to reflect, I can see that all that effort was in
vain because the PF which I was a part of is no longer the PF that I
see, and to make matters worse the life span of the  PF that I knew is
not the life span of the PF that I see now.
The PF I see now is a five year or less government and that hurts me
because all these things that are disadvantaging the PF are avoidable.
I can not say much as time is not my ally and I am not being paid for
this advice, but please reflect on this advice Mr president because I
am addressing only you because your other stooges will not take this

Kind Regards


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