Open Letter to Sata

Dear President Sata,

Father to the Nation,

Do you care about your legacy? Did you care about the people that died due to PF inhouse fightings ,claiming lives of Zambians for nothing ,because of your lack of leadership?

When the whole country opted for Kabimba’s removal, you mocked both your supporters and adversaries by giving him even more power as if he knows something about you that we do not?  Or is it that you enjoy pressing the “fight button” of your remote control and wear a smirk on your face as these two factions spill blood against each other ?

I know there is a  deficiency in the arena of your personal leadership, in that,  alarmingly you would rather demote Emmanuel Mwamba and openly confront him over a radio station that has provided great services to Zambia than adhere to the millions who have requested that you deal with one of your right hand men. The monster that you have created is the monster that wants to steal your legacy, and worse, wants to cause blood shed in a once very peaceful and safe country.

Mr President, save our Country. Let principle reign over friendships. Nationwide calls for Kabimba’s removal have now culminated to bloodshed, and it seems that the hunger for power supercedes a regretable conscious that people are dying because ONE MAN has decided to ignore the loud voice of the masses, and has decided to blame another man for financing the protests.

Mr President, are you tired? Are you simply bored of leading? Call for early elections if your answers are in the affirmative, otherwise PF is on the wrong path, therefore the Country is on the wrong path nomatter what Kenneth Kaunda advises you.

May the deaths of those young men be forever on your conscious and the conscious of all those that surround you until you realise that you may need to make decisions that benefit the Nation other than your few close buddies.

You are still my President, I care and I represent you in the diaspora.

Sincerely yours

Sidique Gondwe Geloo

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