Open Letter to Sata and his megaphone ZNBC

Open Letter to Sata and his megaphone ZNBC

By Edwin Sakala

As People’s Party, Formerly Zambia Direct Democracy Movement- ZDDM is set to remember the cold blooded murdered of Libyan Brother Leader Muammer Quddafi on December 23rd 2011.we have been reminded that it is on this  same day that the 90 days of the  Patriotic Front  promises will mature without being met..

The Libyan and Zambian situation may seem different yet related in that we, especially the PF can learn a lot from it. The big lesson is that leaders must never take power and Gods people for granted.

Libya the pride of Africa a few months ago today lies in ruin while the Great leader Brother Quddaffi was buried at an unknown location in the most undignified manner. Painful indeed.

We call on President Michael Sata and indeed ZNBC to seriously reexamine the direction that they are taking Zambia to because most of us want the peace and harmony which has prevailed since independence to continue.

We for example find it to be extremely sad and undemocratic that a directive seems to have been given to our media to stop covering People’s Party and indeed most political players in the country. As a result we have to communicate with you through publications like this one, sms messages and internet. Their blackout and effort to bury us alive however will not stop us from fighting to achieve a better Zambia.

Zambia is a very rich nation and there is no justification for the widespread poverty, its dirtiness and backwardness. Those who have had a chance to visit other nations will agree that we live in a very primitive environment which we have unfortunately come to accept as normal. Our primitivism has bound us in a circle of bickering and stabbing each other in the back instead of progressing into scientific research and progressive development. The brains and everything is there but what the nation lacks is visionary leadership.

The colonial masters used to refer to us as ‘boys” because of our condom culture of seeming busy but producing nothing. All we do is point and laugh at ‘Ifi pato fyabanesu” and shed crocodile tears of joy in destroying each other. What a nation? What a media choking citizens with street music all day instead of keeping them well informed.

People’s Party may not have the foreign backing making some parties look big but we have great love for Zambia and a vision of transforming it into a land of work and production where the nation anthem can again be sang with heads high and on full stomachs. A nation where our dogs can again find some food in bins.

The silence the media has created by drowning the voices of  other opposition parties should not deceive anybody into believing that all is well because the spirit of disappointment is greatly spreading in  the nation as PF seem to  fall in the same donor sponsored trap which the late Mwanawasa had fallen of wasting time and energy on witch hunting and faultfinding at the expense of the widespread suffering and alarming death rate among the ordinary citizens.

Politics of witch hunting, demonizing and incriminating opponents is an old political trick used to divert the attention of citizens from real issues to persecuting a selected section of society. In NAZI Germany for example the Jews were picked on and blamed for all the ills in the country. History is full of unsmiling ‘Clinched fisted” politicians who once in power use the media, and police to criminate opponents even before the courts decide. The end of such regimes is always sad.

As People’s Party, we feel very sorry for the PF government because we don’t know whether or not it has power to contend the trouble which may come in reaction to what is the retribulation some people are experiencing today and its failure to live by its promises.

As People’s Party, we agree that corruption must be fought but this is not done by politicians against those they take over from. We believe Zambian politicians and indeed PF should be preoccupied with addressing the painful realities on the ground such as the dehumanizing suffering of the majority population instead of playing super cops.

The fight against corruption is not the responsibility of politicians. That is why we have institutions like the police, DEC and ACC Courts. PF should let these institutions do their jobs professionally.

The PF made so many promises directed at ending the widespread poverty and unemployment. This should be its utmost priority and not to demonize the deposed MMD.

What is happening now is that the government is trying to play on peoples minds by diverting attention to witch hunting while the population continues to wallow in destitution and dying as if Zambia is at war.

MMD under RB did their part for everybody to see by taking development across the country and Zambians now expect the PF to out do it. Zambians across the country are still proudly dressing in RB blue material in appreciation.

Instead of dwelling on looking in the mouth of a goat can PF start to perform and delivering. If we are not careful, this country is heading for serious problems for as long as the PF continues to hijack the role of the Law enforcement agents which are supposed to fight social evils like crime and corruption proffessionary.

We are surprised that PF are still too tensed while who are said to be the losers are cool and merely watching them making error after error. PF must learn from events in the world that power can be funny. Powerful leaders can easily turn into nothing when they least expect. The death of Brother Quddafi should become an eye opener to PF.

To save Zambia from the path of self destruction People’s Party is advocating for a Federal State system which will transform every province into federal democratic state were we shall see a more meaning change people desire. We are of the view that once federal states are formed there will be more jobs that will be created for people.

In the process of developing the areas, people will be working and they will generate money which they will put in their pockets. Each region has its own resources which would support residents of the region. This will bring true CHANGE.

It is against this background that People’s Party is engaged in dialogue with other political parties, NGOs, Church bodies and community leaders including former RDC members who we hold in very high esteem for having demonstrated their patriotism and self sacrificial spirit.

We want God fearing ordinary citizens with national interest at heart to  assume power and end Politics of hate because the current created and artificial silence in Zambia can not be taken for granted as it has the potential of pushing the growing number of disappointed Zambians to extremes.

We all wish President Sata and PF well but plead that they start to address issues of concern and stop wasting time on playing on people’s minds by trying to divert attention.

On 23rd December the venue of remembering Quddafi has been set for Peace Embassy where a book of condolence for those wishing to express their feelings can sign in.

The book of condolences will be sent to the AU at the January summit in Ethiopia Capital Addis Ababa and the other copy will be sent to his family in Niger together with a copy of our letter which we sent to white house and addressed to President Obama in which we appealed for his personal intervention that the son of Quddafi must be tried at the Hague where he could receive a fair trial unlike in Libya where they will give him a mock trial and hang him in the end.

On this day, we will also remember thousands of innocent Libyans that were killed by NATO during its struggle to oust Col Quddafi. It is regrettable that when people in Libya were being killed, the African Union (AU) did nothing to help the situation.

Despite the death of Quddafi, fighting has continued and many of the people being killed in the after math of the Quddafi death are innocent lives. Worse still infrastructure spent on huge sums of dollars has been destroyed.

The motive the western powers had when sponsoring to destroy Libya was to siphon the natural resources in that country to give life to their ailing economies. The once upon a time beautiful Libya country has become a desolate state from indiscriminate NATO bombings.

The country has become a complete opposite from what it was under the patronage of Col. Quddafi. During this time, every Libyans enjoyed the privileges of being a Libyan national. People had free modern accommodation upon attaining the age of 18, had free electricity and water.

Not only that, every citizen got a monthly allowance from oil resources, free medical, education services and food coupons. For those getting married, they received $5,000 and a 50% subsidy if importing a car. In short, every Libyan, under Quddafi lived a comfortable life. This was the kind of the person Col. Quddafi, whom we will be remembering on 23rd December, 2011. He made his country memorable. Unfortunately, some enemies of development sponsored gunmen to destroy the peace people enjoyed .

As we mourn him, we wish to warn the people in Zambia not to take the peace they are enjoying for granted. Zambia has enough problems already such as the wide spread man made poverty, high unemployment levels, alarming poverty related death rate, a huge population being on ARVs, having a nation where research and scientific work is unknown. The only field of specialty among all Zambians is destructive politics of pulling each other down. SHAME.

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