Open letter to Sata

His Excellency The President Of Zambia,
Mr Michael Chilufya Sata.

Dear Sir,


Mr President, it is my greatest wish that this letter finds you and
finds you well.

I have been prompted to write this letter as a citizen do demand that
you call for a press conference at the earliest convenience.

 This will enable you  to report back to your employers the people of
Zambia on the state of the nation.

Mr President,  Press conferences are
extraordinarily important for the following  reasons;

 A number of questions are asked on different topics.

The pressure
of being on national TV forces the president to explain his thinking.

 The public gets to
actually see the president think and understand how he comes to his
conclusions, an invaluable public service.

Furthermore, the prospect of a press conference forces State House to
think through its own views.

Everybody in the
State House, including the
president, has to stop and
consider just what they are
doing and why.

 Often the Government agencies are mined for answers about current policies
so that State House aides can prepare the president, giving the
President’s office  valuable feedback about what’s going

The Country faces urgent and grave challenges your Excellency, that
demands the President to face the nation and answer our questions, on
the direction of our nation and most importantly the solutions to the
challenges we face.

I have a lot of respect for Mr George Chellah. However, he can not be
a substitute for the need of our President to address the nation
through a press conference.

We elect leaders, in order that when we are weak, they give us
strength, when we are hopeless, they give us hope and most
importantly, when we lose our way they bring us back to the right

Sir, we need you. If ever there was a time for you to cast aside your
daily trappings and address a press conference, Mr President that time
has come.

Yours sincerely,

Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa
Lusaka, Zambia

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