Open letter to the Litunga

Dear Editor

I cannot but thank the WD for bringing to surface activities that happen under the cover of darkness. Your recent revelation of the deal between Edgar Lungu and Edwin Lubosi (the Litunga) over Barotseland is spot on.

This comes as no surprise however because such meetings have been going on for a long time. Afterall these chaps have a lot in common – look at their names (EL)for example. They are also known as drunkards.

However one thing is true; Bulozi is not Lubosi but the people therein. Litungas come and go. Further whoever is Litunga has no power of the people whatsoever. So imagining to change the thinking of the people of Barotseland by simply ordering them to do this and that or otherwise is to be simplistic and far far fetched. Such hullucinations can only come from a drunkard such as Edwin Lubosi Imwiko. Infact if I were Lungu I could have asked Lubosi why he did not order Malozi to vote for PF in big numbers in the January 2015 elections.

Let Lubosi continue reaping from Lungu’s pockets but should remember that the quest for Bulozi independence is unstoppable. It is like a strong wind blowing – it is just a question of time and all this including Lubosi will be history.

As for Mwanang’ono pity to him for having a visionless father.
I can only wish Lubosi all the best in his dirty games and remind him of past history such as the Biblical record of Judas Iscariot.


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