Open letter to the new RTSA boss: stop corruption

We, as RTSA dedicated and disciplined officers that have been working in the agency for a long time, would first like to extend our new CEO, Mr. Zindaba Soko a warm welcome and a happy new year. We wish you success on your job that may offer you vast challenges.

Our organization is the only agency which has changed the top directors within the shortest possible time. The question that everyone is asking is that of the competence of these top men to manage the sensitive institution RTSA is. What is more surprising is the criteria used to appoint and sack these poor fellows who were not aware of their role until they went into the system. It is a hot seat that is always exerted by external forces either in the political or the private circles. The appointing authority seem to give specific and direct orders to the would be CEO. It is in this vein that most of those appointed to head the agency never lasted because it is so tricky to impress or meet the many demands of these interested parties. It is much easier to conclude that any appointed CEO comes with an already made agenda of satisfying the big belly of these hungry political bosses.
Unfortunately for you (and only time will tell if fortunately for us), you came at a very turbulent time in our organization. RTSA is at its lowest point – a situation caused by a few bad apples within our lines. Those same bad apples have brought a bad reputation and also numerous investigations to our corridors. The last one resulted in the confiscation of some of our computers and a box of documents from our offices over corruption related to procurement processes but is causing delays in all of our work. Fortunately, these bad apples are few, easily spotted, and we hope that by you or by the investigations held they will be thrown out soon. Then and only then our organization will manage to fulfill its duty as expected.
Mr. Soko, You have a huge task ahead of you. Your position puts enormous pressure on you and from several angles. We do not pity you. We cross our fingers that with the help of the recent investigation held by the ACC into our organization we hope that obstacles will be removed soon and that the responsible officers for that deception will face the consequences. We are tired of the public perceiving all of us as corrupt but actually we are hard working men and women. Cleaning our organization from these who look to fill their pockets – should start from headquarters and later to the offices that service the public.
The rotten eggs in the agency are the ones closer to Mr. Soko and they will sooner or later drag him in the mud. These are ruthless lions aiming to kill anything on their path that may want to hinder their corrupt activities. The war is within the bedroom of RTSA and Soko needs to open his eyes or his career in government will be shuttered. You are surrounded by WOLFS and soon they will teach you are lesson of your life if you let them manipulate the system.
In these RTSA halls we all know who the bad apples are, and they know who they are as well. Let their downfall be a message to others in Zambia that this is not how we operate! We work hard in the field and put the maximum energies into our work. We look forward to see a changed institution and help the crusade against corruption.
We look to you with hope to bring changes, clarity and fairness to this agency again.
Good Luck and God bless you,
Yours officers.

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