Open letter to UNZASU leaders

Open letter to UNZASU leaders

I now want to make my submission as regards the recent commentaries running in the government
media regarding the three suspended judges, I will not dwell on the issue itself knowing that it is now before the courts of law so it will be contemptuous for me to do so.

I ask that no one takes this for bitterness or rather efforts to pretend that I would have done it
better than any one of you, there is no malice in my words.

I am purely driven by nothing but my quest to see that sanity prevails in the University and the true voice of the students is represented.

From the way the UNZASU SG and President have conducted themselves on this
matter, one surely does not need to be a rocket scientist to conclude that these people have been bought.  Just a few days ago UNZASU in the name of the President told the nation that Mr Sata was right in suspending those three judges but today, after an injunction against the Judge Lovemore headed tribunal has been granted, UNZASU says there should be an overhaul of the judiciary and CJ Sakala must resign.

We all remember how Sakala refused to shake hands with Sata and how Sata has always wanted him to resign.

He has rather found it hard to work with a man who refused to shake his hands. But this should not be the reason why you (UNZASU SG) should be used to create an opportunity for the President to render Sakala jobless.

Let us concentrate on things that will help us develop as an institution unlike allow ourselves to
be used by selfish politicians.

Our friends in other countries are busy inventing machines and formulating serious policies for national development but we are hopelessly lying in a University whose structure is falling apart and things are just waiting to happen while we praise people who are responsible for the mess we are in.

There is no way UNZASU should put overhauling the judiciary top on its agenda.
What we should instead be calling for is an overhaul in our University administration system were we have a shadow chancellor who says nothing when we are faced with problems and is not even known to exist.

How can we have university system which sanctions students to write exams on AFRICA FREEDOM DAY, a system full of bureaucracy and corruption where only the rich and ministers children alike have rooms and are on 100% bursary, a system with a senate made up of old guns who call themselves professors but go for years without releasing any publications and still claim to be professors, a system in which students just recover and never discover, reproduce and never produce, a system in which students in the name of level reps have to wait for years for them to have lighting system or a curtain put by their shower, a system in which people in management are too intimidating such that students like you Mr Mwauluka are even afraid to speak out.

I have audacious faith you can address these problems and am sure enough you understand their importance over the judges issue you are always singing about much as it can be important- Lets clean our own house first before we start calling for a clean-up in our neighbours house, you should be commenting on national issues but not this emphasis and ranting we are seeing., Judges are not politicians to be removed from office at the whims and caprice of a newly elected UNZASU union executive.

If you push juges to patronage, you end up with dangerous legal anarchy and a situation where citizens are no longer protected and this would bring about tension in the country.

Consult widely before you issue your statements, we are busy preparing for exams and
hence not interested in making noise against your media statements which do not even represent the wishes of the student populous.


Thank you.

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