Open Letter to ZESCO

By Mwamba Kafwilo

I wish to air my complaints regarding the services I’m receiving from your company particularly by the Kasama office where I reside. A case in point is the unplanned, unrealistic, unprofessional, irritating and repugnant disconnection of power. Your Kasama office go round to disconnect power without first of all finding out if a customer that has been targeted is owing or has received their latest bill. They work on impulse and only when they feel like it, going round to inconvenience people that have no problems in paying their bills.

I paid my bill in full and two weeks later your officers burst into my house saying you are owing K22,000 and we are going to disconnect power. I told them on what basis are you going to disconnect power as I had already cleared what I owed based on the latest bill that I received. They expect the customers to pay for every minute of power used. My life is planned and I only get a salary, which of course has your allocation at the end of every month and if there are bills from you to be paid, they are cleared at that point. I do not have money every day of the month to give to your officers every time they show up at my doorstep. Bills should be issued once every month as we already plan to pay for power used.

Also the frequency within which bills are dispatched leaves a lot to be desired. ZESCO Kasama expects customers to follow up the bills. I don’t understand this. For your information this is not a favour that ZESCO is providing to us but a service and they are the ones after making money.

There is also a problem with the consistent low and disruption of power and this is done at any time and I must presume when they feel like it since there is no explanation as to why they do this. I have damaged electrical appliances due to this and they don’t care.

I was told that the rates were increased recently, but this has to be commensurate to quality service provided. I must mention here that your company’s quality of service provision is the worst that I have to put up with

ZESCO must learn to be considerate of its customers. You make too much money and why you cannot improve efficiency or provide professional and quality services to your customers cannot be fathomed. Could it be that you are a monopoly in Zambia and for you it’s the “so what?” attitude you render to your customers? Besides your pricey rates, kindly find a way to improve service delivery. Also learn to render respect and appreciation to the customers that are responsible for making you the super normal profits you are enjoying.

Irritated – Kasama, Zambia

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