Open letter to Guy Scott on violence


Dear Your Excellency,

I am writing to you as a private citizen and a voter, to express some grave concern on the direction of the electoral process of the 2015 Presidential by election.


The level of violence is reaching unacceptable levels and if your transitional Government continues to treat this matter lightly and with kid gloves, we are likely to experience unprecedented blood shed before and after 20th January. Your condemnation of this vice has been lackadaisical and without passion. Your tactic of passing on the buck to an equally unenthusiastic, incapable and heavily politicized Police is sending wrong signals to the citizens and the international community.

Mr, Acting President, I want to confirm to you that citizens are on edge and plain scared on the issue of violence, and it is regrettable if the intelligence community is not sounding the alarm bells on this matter to your Government.


I find it rather peculiar that your Excellency is comfortable having the public media lavishly cover you and first Lady Charlotte and the ruling Party’s candidate only, leaving the major political players largely unattended to. Weirder is the fact that even paid for political adverts by opposition parties are being rejected by the public broadcaster, ZNBC. This news blackout especially of the UPND and MMD seems to be deliberate and intended to disadvantage these major political players. This action is a recipe for violence.

Your deafening silence on this matter does not add up and is contrary to your critical role of a transitional. More surprising is the fact that, you were a victim of this vice by the MMD Government not too long ago and your Party the PF vehemently condemned it. What has changed Mr. President?

It is on record that your Party cadres stormed ZNBC editorial offices to direct staff on how and what to air to the Zambian people. That unprecedented action shocked the nation and unless you ensure equal and fair coverage of all political players, your legacy that is so far looking up, is at risk. Mr. President, this requires leadership and a solid political will from you. You have shown this in the past, you can do it again.


There are persistence reports that there is a sophisticated secret ‘force’ that has been constituted to rig the elections. Unless His Excellency comes out clean on this matter by vehemently allaying these claims, citizens will begin to believe them. You need to restore confidence of the electoral process which so far the ECZ has lamentably failed to do. Our country literally sits on a powder keg and your intervention as the Executive wing of Government has never been so critical.

Those gleaming machetes and planks that are being displayed by cadres may soon graduate into automatic rifles and rocket propelled grenades, and unless you exhibit the political will and statesmanship that you firmly demonstrated when you denied your party use of public resources to conduct their campaigns, Zambia can head towards Rwanda and Burundi, under your watch.

I advise that you urgently recruit KK to speak the message of hope, unity in the true One Zambia One Nation principle. Rupiah Banda has lost it and no amount of redemption will reverse his tattered reputation.

Your Excellency, I urge you to read between the lines of the message by the British and American High Commissioner and Ambassador respectively, two days ago. The buck stops with you, the choice is yours and posterity is all yours to shape or spoil.

Have a good and blessed day Sir.

Yours faithfully,

Matthew Mwale

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