Opposition again paralyse parley business as the refuse to talk

Business at Parliament was today again suspended and parliament prematurely adjourned barely after 30 minutes of sitting.  Uncompromising opposition MPs who are demanding a constitution protested by letting all the questions on the floor of the house lapse without asking question. This is what Mahatma Ghandi called passive resistance when he said ‘We shall not fight but we shall not comply either’.

On the order paper were a number of questions that should have been asked by opposition MPs to the executive but they boycotted them, leaving the Speaker and PF MPs with no option but to adjourn because they could not proceed with debates, as the owners of the questions were not prepared to talk.
Earlier MMD Mwandi MP and party vice-president Michael Kaingu told the house that they were not in any pocket of any political party or pelican but would continue to work together for constitution that was promised to the people Zambia to be delivered.
Earlier Speaker Patrick Matibini announced that the meeting which was scheduled to have taken place between the PF government and the opposition over the constitution could not take place.
He instead announced that Mazabuka UPND MP Garry Nkombo has submitted a private member’s motion that will force government to put a legal framework and road map for the constitution making process.
There was a heavy police presence throughout the short deliberations,an environment which also annoyed opposition MPs as they felt their lives were in danger as they were not being protected in the house.
Last week, ceremonial vice-president Guys Scott told a meeting between some MPs and the speaker that he does not trust president Michael Sata as he was capable of sending Police officers inside the chamber to beat up MPs.

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