Opposition alliance tells KK to be honest

Former Dictator Kenneth Kaunda has been challenged to practice what he preaches by pursuing all public statements he makes on the need to sustain peace and unity in the country.

The Opposition Alliance says Dr. Kaunda should attain a stature where he does not only make public statements on important national issues but follow them through to ensure that the advice he gives as the father of the nation is actually heeded to.

Alliance Coordinator Frank Bwalya says opposition alliance members would like to see a situation where Dr. Kuanda goes to State House to meet President Michael Sata and discuss with him issues being raised by the opposition and other stakeholders in the governance of the country.

Fr. Bwalya has told Qfm News in an interview that Kaunda should be able to confront Sata to stop the brutalization of the opposition and reconcile the country.

He adds that the first republican president should also be able to tell President Sata to provide better governance by bringing on board the opposition.

Fr. Bwalya says once Dr. Kuanda does these things, there will be good will on the part of President Sata and other political stakeholders in the country.

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