Opposition give PF upto Tuesday to work on constitution

Parliamentary business resumed after more than two hours of suspension on Thursday, with an understanding that by Tuesday next week progress should be made on the constitution making process.

When business resumed, opposition UPND Monze MP Jackie Mwiimbu announced that an understanding has been reached where a select few will meet him on Tuesday to present a united position to government.

Mr. Mwiimbu promised that if nothing happens after next week, they will continue a much more vicious campaign outside and disruptions in the house never seen before.

He gave a chronologically analysis of the many statements that have been made by president Michael Sata on the floor of the house since being elected and the various statements that have been made recently by the same man that now oppose the constitution making process.

Matibini, who also came back to the house a bit more humbled promised to take up the matter in the light of unprecedented happenings in the house in the last two days.

He called for dialogue between the two opposition and government and deliver the constitution in this jubilee year especially after many failed processes since 1970s.

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