Opposition MPs again paralyse parliament business over constitution demands

Chaos once more broke out in the Zambian Parliament as opposition Members of Parliament continued with their constitution demands by continuously interjecting  through points of orders asking for the constitution that the PF promised the Zambian people.

PF compromised National Assembly Speaker Patrick Matibini was forced to order the Sergent at Arms to forcefully remove opposition MPs who were disrupting proceedings over the Constitution. But the MP all refused and decided to remain standing in the house.

There were shouts of ‘strangers in the house’ when Matibini called for Parliament police to intervene after the situation was almost becoming volatile, with some threatening to start throwing shoes.

Matibini told all the opposition MPs who were disrupting the proceedings that their conduct was “disorderly” and they should leave the House, but they all refused and remained standing.

At one stage, Mwandi MMD MP, Michael Kaingu told Matibini that the house had become ungovernable because the Speaker had allowed strangers to enter the House.

Several appeals by Matibini were ignored as the opposition MPs continued demanding the constitution.

Choma UPND MP earlier asked whether they were in order to continue transacting other business when the Zambian people were demanding the constitution that was promised to them.

As it became clear the opposition had stood their grounds of not leaving or sitting, Matibini was forced to suspended until there was order in the house.

The opposition MPs have adopted a new strategy in Parliament by raising Points of Order demanding that government addresses the issue of the Constitution.

The Civil Society Constitution Coalition has also backed the move by the opposition MPs, who yesterday disrupted Parliamentary proceedings with chants of “Constitution”.

The CSOs through Fr. Chiti said they will never rest until the constitution the PF promise was enacted and gave a full backing to the conduct by the opposition MPs of disrupting the House

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