Opposition MPs refuse to be forced to attend peace talks

Opposition MPs refuse to be forced to attend peace talks

Mazabuka member of parliament Garry Nkombo has written to the chairperson of the so called ‘National’ Dialogue Forum telling him that he won’t participate in it’s useless proceedings.

Nkombo says he can not in good conscience participate in a process that seeks to foster the interests of PF.

Last month, the PF enacted a law that forces all MPs and other targeted individuals to participate in the so called National Dialogue whether they like it or not. According the law which president Edgar Lungu signed, MPs who don’t attend the ‘dialogue’ will be arrested.

The PF created the said law after refusing to take part in a genuine dialogue championed first by the Commonwealth then by the main churches in Zambia.

ZWD comment : this process will end up in another embarrassment for PF for we understand all opposition MPs are ready to be  arrested than be forced to attend a PF function and be paid public money.

We wonder if there is  any normal person left in PF today. How can you arrest people and force them to take part in peace talks? We don’t know what evil spirit is moving PF to do things that do not make any sense at all. Forcing people to attend ‘dialogue’, how ?

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