Opposition refuse to discuss budget for third day

Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) have again walked out from parliament.

The MPs walked out at 11:30 hours, 45 minutes after the morning break.

Chairman for Committees Chifumu Banda adjourned the sitting to Tuesday, 23rd October, 2012.

Yesterday, the MPs walked out from the House and vowed not to attend the  proceedings of the House when it is time to debate the 2013 national budget if Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda who is acting President will continue to be absent during deliberations.

The opposition MPs said they were not happy with Mr. Chikwanda’s continued absence from the House.

Some MPs talked to by ZANIS said the House had not been informed who was acting Finance Minister since Mr. Chikwanda was acting Head of State.

The parliamentarians demanded that Mr. Chikwanda be physically present to listen to various debates on the budget that he presented to the house.

“We are here to represent our people and we are not happy that Mr. Chikwanda is not around as Finance Minister to listen to our concerns raised on the budget he presented.

This is the third time the opposition MPs were walking out of the House this week despite several rulings by Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini who cautioned them that there was no dis-functionality in the House as a result of the walkouts.

And Government Chief Whip, Yamfwa Mukanga challenged the opposition MPs over their decision saying they should inform the electorates on whether they were tired of being in Parliament so that they could be replaced through fresh elections.

Mr Mukanga who is Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister said in a separate interview that the stance by the MMD and UPND Parliamentarians would not solve anything.

He said the opposition law makers needed to be in the House and continue debating to foster national development.

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