Opposition ask Finance minister to resign and condemn president Sata for threatening diplomats

Opposition leaders in Zambia have declared that Zambia is now a police state under the PF regime and have condemned president Sata for threatening diplomats in accredited to Zambia.

And the opposition have called upon Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda and Solicitor General Musa Mwenye to resign following the exposure of letters they wrote to the Development Bank of Zambia demanding that the public bank should write off the K14 billion loan which DPP Mutembo Nchito and Posts newpaper owner Fred Membe owe the bank.

And the opposition have challenged the Law Association of Zambia to state the provisions of the law it has used to bar lawyers in the country from debating the suspension of the three Judges by President Michael Sata.

Speaking during a joint media briefing in Lusaka this morning, Heritage party president Godfrey Miyanda who spoke on behalf of the opposition political parties said it is ridiculous for LAZ to bar the lawyers in the country from commenting on the suspension of the 3 judges.

Brigadier General Miyanda noted that it is not fair for LAZ to bar individual lawyers from debating the matter adding that the move amounts to impediment on the freedom of expression.

And General Miyanda said it is within their constitution right for the opposition to unite and speak with one voice on issuesof national interest.

He noted that the opposition in the country is not against the corruption fight but that they are concerned with the manner in which corruption is being fought.

General Miyanda noted that the opposition have condemned the manner in which the three judges were suspended saying the President did not follow the laid down procedures.

The opposition leaders have questioned why the Solicitor General and the minister of finance and national planning  wrote to Development Bank of Zambia asking the institution to write-off the debt owed by the Post newspapers limited and JNC investment holdings.

And brigadier General Miyanda has vowed that the opposition will continue engaging with the various stakeholders including diplomats to discuss issues of national interest.

He said diplomats are at liberty to meet opposition political leaders in the country because they also do intelligence works for their respective countries.

General Miyanda has since condemned President Sata for indicating that the diplomats should stay away from the internal affairs of Zambia saying the statement amounts to threats.

He has stressed that the opposition will not stop expressing their views and has challenged the ministry of information and broadcasting to facilitate for debates on ZNBC.

Other opposition leaders that were present at the briefing included UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema ADD’s Charles Milupi, MMD acting president Michael Mabenga and ULP’s Sakwiba Sikota.

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