Opposition should ignore Inter Party Dialogue

Whilst the Opposition Members of Parliament have been sleeping as usual, the PF Government has orchestrated a scheme to ensure that all disputes arising from the 11th August 2016 Elections are resolved in their favour. In an unprecedented move, the PF Government has decided to “FUND” the ZAMBIA CENTRE FOR INTER-PARTY DIALOGUE (ZCIPD) from the Treasury during the time that Zambian students have been sent home because of lack of money. The PF Government has sacrificed meager resources to pay for an NGO so that disputes in elections are settled amicably in their favour.
All Opposition Leaders must open their eyes and stop sleeping!!! How can ZCIPD resolve issues of electoral disputes between the competitors when one of them is funding them? Why is this NGO being singled out for funding? Is it normal or common practice for NGOs to be funded from the government coffers even when the coffers are dry? What are our MPs doing to protect the democracy we cherish? On page 285 of the budget  and particularly item 099 under “GRANTS TO INSTITUTIONS – OPERATIONAL” there is a Budget line for ZCIPD to the tune of a staggering K1million. WHY? FOR WHAT? FOR WHO?

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