Opposition should not give PF position of Speaker

Opposition should not give PF position of Speaker

We understand the PF has unleashed MP Wilbur Simusa to coerce the opposition to back their candidate for the position of Speaker.

With 60 MPs, the PF regime is a minority government. It will be difficult for them to pass laws or lawlessness in parliament.

In simple language, to make any law in parliament, you need to have more MPs supporting that law.

When parliament opens next time, which should be very soon, the first item will be to elect a speaker. Parliament cannot work without a speaker.

This is not just because Amusaa Mwanamwambwa retired but because there is a new government in place.

Now the PF is worried that if they don’t move quickly, the opposition will gang up and make sure the speaker is a member of the opposition.

This would put the ruling party in a very weak position since they already have fewer MPs compared to combined MPs of the opposition.

We are assuming that those five or so Independent MPs consider themselves part of the opposition. But in Zambia, anything is possible, especially where money plays a role.

Of course Sata will nominate 8 MPs and so the PF MPS will be 68. But those on the opposition will be 90.

If Zambian politicians were trustworthy and able to represent the interests of the people and not their soft bellies, they would have refused to allow PF take the position of speaker.

This would be an ideal situation. The PF already controls the other two wings of government, the executive and judiciary.

Sata is head of the executive and he will appoint the head of the judiciary, the chief justice.

It will be nice for the opposition to control the legislature by making sure that the speaker is from the opposition

But we know from experience that the PF will have its way. The opposition will compromise either as parties or individual MPs will exchange the integrity with money.

Simusa was meeting UPND officials on Monday to convince them to vote for the PF candidate.

With the speaker coming from the opposition, we are assured of sanity in the national assembly.

We are assured of proper scrutiny of executive appointments.

We are assured that no laws meant to fix opponents are passed.

We are assured that ministers will present proper statements to parliament instead of the jokes they have been giving us.

The government will not sleep knowing that in parliament, they will be taken to task.

But if the speaker will be a member of the Donchi Kubeba, then the national assembly will continue being a big rubber stamp it has always been. A useless copper dorm where people are paid to go and doze.

Opposition MPs now have an opportunity to serve the people by providing proper oversight on executive (cabinet). The numbers favour them. They need to utilise this strength in numbers to make sure that the government is kept on its toes.

They should do this by making sure that they vote for an opposition figure to be speaker.

After all it will be a good idea to push in ka impeachment after 90 days if Zambia won’t be developed.

But the PF knows this and that is why they are already in the field.

The opposition should realise that the PF government is not humble as we have been told by those with vested, financial interest in the new regime.

They are only humble in terms of education not conduct.

The government does not need to become stronger than it already is. The Zambian presidency is too powerful and hence we need some of these organs to be in the hands of the opposition for the sake of check and balances.

Already the government has three daily newspaper and that ding dong called ZNBC.

Now why should you allow them to control even parliament?

Just like what is happening Barrack Obama, Michael Sata needs to be put under pressure.  That way he will work. We can’t just sit down now and say because the man of action is in power, he will fix our problems. No, we need to be actively involved in the governance of our national now more than ever before.

We know our opposition MPs have no stamina and will soon start defecting to the PF, but we still hope that there can still be enough men and women who can stand their ground.


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